2020 Chapter Update!

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    Hey TG WoW Classic Chapter.

    Welcome to 2020! The chapter officers had some changes/updates we wanted to cover as well as give you some Q&A regarding it!


    LOOT Update:

    We're always deliberating about loot and how it can be best distributed among you all and we wanted to make the following changes. (Some of you may have seen a glimpse of this last friday in MC.)

    1) BiS = Points:
    If an item is BiS for your class you'll be using points to acquire it. Pretty Simple.

    Q) What if I'm the last person to get the BiS Item, do I still spend points?
    A) Yes absolutely! Everyone else did, it's only fair.

    Q) What if I'm waiting for another piece and don't want to use my points on a particular BiS item?
    A) At this point since you passed and were in the Main priority group, if everyone in the group passes it will then go to Off-Spec for points.

    Q) What about Off-Spec gear? Am I spending points.
    A) Interesting question! Do you want it before others? If the answer is yes, spend points and you will get it over everyone. If you just want it for off-spec chances are the item will be free-rolled to anyone who can use it and doesn't have it. (So you certainly have a chance of winning it this way as well!

    2) MT Allocation:
    Our designated main tanks will have gear allocated to them first as priority. (Grab & Surge)
    (They still get their points deducted)

    Q) What if grab and surge already have the item?
    A) Then our other off-tanks will be asked to use points in order to acquire the item first before it goes to off-spec.

    NOTE: there are certain items with exceptions to this rule as they may be better for DPS then the Tanks. In this case the DPS will have prio unless the item is ridiculous for threat in which case we'll be allocating every other drop to an MT.

    Q) Mork why all the changes, the old loot system works great?
    A) I've said it once and I'll say it again. I'm sick of putting stuff that could go to off-spec (especially off-spec healers) into my bank for DE at a later date. Instead we could be gearing up people for different roles in

    Q) Is anything related to acquiring points changing?
    A) No, If you are there @ 9PM est you will get an attendance point and at the end of the raid you will get another attendance point.



    As everyone is probably aware BWL was announced to open on February 12th. With it we have some new BiS items which poses a question on how we want to do points between MC and BWL. Please take a minute or two and navigate to the survey below!



    WoW Retail:

    Q) Eh? Retail? Why are we even bringing this up?
    A) Quite a few of us are dabbling in retail in between raids. I wanted to clear this up for everyone, as Classic leaders this is still our primary game. As you know once you've acquired Pre-Raid BiS the game has some limited content outside of raids. We have been having fun doing Mythic dungeons and questing in Retail because there is a vast amount of content in the game and we're making it a point to be available in mumble.

    Q) So if I need something in classic and you all are messing in retail what do I do?
    A) Come ask! The classic leadership will almost 100% drop what we're doing in retail to help you in classic (Lets be fair if we're in the middle of a mythic we might say "Yeah! Give us about 10 minutes we'll be right there.")

    Q) I'm feeling like I might dabble too.. What server and faction are you all playing?
    A) We are on Stormrage and Playing Alliance for those of you classic players who feel like you want to join us in passing some time. There were some existing TG members already there and we wanted to play with them too! I also hear the brewing of a potential new TG endeavor O_O!

    I know I've said it before and I'll say it again for good measure. We love playing other games with TG, the idea that you can hop on any game and have a party and members to play with has always been the thing to set us aside from more rigid communities. Explore chapters! Play games! This our home as well as yours, make friends and connect with your housemates!


    Raid Leader: Stafoo
    (Raid Direction, Time Management and Group Organization)
    NOTE: In the event that a tactics change is required, the raid leader has final say in management of the strategy.

    Master Looter: Morketh
    (Loot allocation and misc gathering assignments such as Corehound Leather and Dark Iron)

    Attendance and Points: Ledmojo
    (Ensures that attendance points get added and used correctly)

    Boss Breakdown and explanation: JKyle (Grabendash)
    (Explains Boss mechanics before fights)

    Boss Shotcaller: Kinson
    (Shotcalling on Boss fights where general communication should be silent)

    Tank Assignments: mmoxei (backup SurgeMonkey)
    (Handles tank assignments on pulls that require more than 2 tanks)

    Healer Assignments: Stafoo
    (Handles Healing Assignments)

    Banish Assignments: LoganSilver (backup Zid)
    (Handles assignments for warlock banishes)

    Secondary Assignments: All Officers
    (Sheeps, Kicks and other assignments ie, Mage Ice-block Pull)

    General Questions During Raid: All Officers
    (Covers secondary questions that should be saved for messages and not broadcast to raid. This helps reduce chatter)


    Primary Tank: JKyle (Grabendash)

    Secondary Tank: SurgeMonkey

    Keep an eye out for 2020 updates on Off-tanking!

    NOTE: If a tank is absent please refer to the assignments!


    Now to touch on a somber note to say that Temujin (Headpool) will be stepping back from his Officer position in WoW Classic. He'll still be around to raid with us for sure! He was exceptionally valuable as leadership in Classic and will be missed!


    These changes should be exciting for everyone and I'm really excited to not be DEing so much of our off-spec gear. We are very excited to get into BWL next month and I hope you are all as well. Let's keep progressing as a raid team and doing what we do best, having fun in the casual fashion we always do!

    -The Wizard Morketh-

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