ArcheAge Dailies Beginner's Guide - Grimghast Rift

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    Grimghast Rift
    Similar Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift is a server event that occurs six times a day in Cinderstone Moor. The event starts at 0:00 game time, though like CR you'll see people grouping for GR at least half an hour before it starts. Use raid finder (ctrl+f and click the magnifying glass) or nation chat to find yourself a raid for the event.

    Part One: Gathering Materials

    The first quest for GR is given by the Blue Salt Brotherhood Notice Board in Seachild Wharf, Cinderstone Moor. You will need to turn in 10 processed materials (lumber, leather, iron ingots, stone bricks, or fabric) to the Blue Salt Brotherhood NPC in Burnt Castle Camp, Cinderstone. These materials can be crafted yourself or bought off the auction house for a relatively small sum. You'll get a tiny bit of XP and a guilda star off this turn-in. You should complete this before the event starts at 0:00.

    Part Two: Condensed Archeum
    At 0:00 condensed archeum packs will spawn on the ground outside of Burnt Castle Camp. Grab one of these packs, hop on your donkey, and waddle over to the quest objective near Breezebrine Coast. There you'll find a catapult with a weird generator-looking thing behind it. The generator is where you turn in your pack. You'll need to do this twice to get quest completion, so hurry back to Burnt Castle Camp and grab another pack to bring to the generator. The catapult will usually have disappeared by the time you bring the second pack, but the generator will still accept them. You'll get a bit of xp and a guilda star from completing this.

    Part Three: Killing Things
    After turning in the packs you'll receive the quests Halting the Crimson Tide 1 & 2. These quests will have you kill various mobs that spawn with the rift, in the area of where you turned in the pack. You'll get 1200 Honor from completing these.

    As well as the quests, it's also important to kill the bosses that spawn with the rift. Two bosses will spawn, try to tag them quick for your group. I'm not quite sure on the mechanics for these (will update this post when I figure them out) but just listen to the raid leader as they are a bit trickier than the Hounds from CR. When they say don't DPS, don't DPS. When they say stack, stack.

    I haven't found a use for the Magic Injection Verification that drops off the boss, though I think it's part of a quest chain. Seems to be safe to delete.

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