ArcheAge Gilda Dailies - Blue Salt Hunting Requests

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    Blue Salt Hunting Request Dailies

    These daily quests are given by the Blue Salt NPC located inside community centers of PvP zones.
    Requests are purchased for 1 Gold each, but reward 1 Gilda upon completion.
    There are 29 Hunting Requests available, and each can be repeated daily.


    Cinderstone Moor - lvl 30-33 (2)

    Community Center Location: Seachild Wharf

    Hunting Request: Lizard Lair
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Crested Lizards in the Eclipse Fields.

    Hunting Request: The Herd of Horrors
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Skeletal Horses south of Orchid Hills.

    Halcyona - lvl 33-36 (2)
    Community Center Location: Sun’s End

    Hunting Request: Cockatrice Killer
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Cockatrices west of Sun's End.

    Hunting Request: Defeat the Goldmane Tribe
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Goldmane Centaurs in the Goldmane Stronghold.

    Hellswamp - lvl 35-38 (3)
    Community Center Location: Anarehi

    Hunting Request: Doomed Souls
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Drowned Corpses in Diehole Marsh.

    Hunting Request: Spider Infestation
    icon_quest_common sm.png KIll 12 Shadow Spider Hatchlings east of Anarchi.
    Hunting Request: The Mandragora Menace
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Mottled Mandragoras in Shadowcopse.

    Sanddeep - lvl 38-41 (2)

    Community Center Location: Golden Fable Harbor

    Hunting Request: The Fable Hill Goblins
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Fable Hill Goblins north of the Goblin Research Camp.

    Hunting Request: Tidal Warriors
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Red Coral Weresharks in Mermaid's Tears.

    Karkasse Ridgelands - lvl 49-50 (5)

    Community Center Location: Lavis

    Hunting Request: A Poisonous Pass

    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Blackfur Scorpions east of Bonefence Hutment.

    Hunting Request: Face the Firetalons
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Firetalon Eagles north of the Red Clay Encampment.
    Hunting Request: Overgrown Grubs
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Bone Grubs in eastern Dragonheart.
    Hunting Request: Taloned Terrors
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Blacktalon Eagles on the Crimson Plateau.
    Hunting Request: The Blades of the Dead
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Haunted Blades at the Dragonribs.


    Ynystere - lvl 30-33 (1)

    Community Center Location: Glitterstone

    Hunting Request: A Headless Threat
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Headless Swordsmen and Headless Knights on the road to Stoltzburg Fortress.

    Rookborne Basin - lvl 40-44 (2)
    Community Center Location: Watermist

    Hunting Request: Breaking the Rocks
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Headless Swordsmen and Headless Knights on the road to Stoltzburg Fortress.

    Hunting Request: Repel the Rebels
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Darkmane Orcs and their allies in Darkmane village.

    Windscour Savannah - lvl 43-45 (5)
    Community Center Location: Skyfang

    Hunting Request: Intruders at the Oasis
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Invading River Crocodiles and Oasis Archerfish at the Oasis near Firesnarl.

    Hunting Request: Large, Sharp, and Pointy
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Sandwind Buffalo in Conqueror's Champaign.
    Hunting Request: Out of their Shells
    icon_quest_common sm.png Hunt 12 Plains Tortoises.
    Hunting Request: The Merchant’s Deal
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Giant Sand Scorpions at Scarsteppe.
    Hunting Request: Vipers Not Allowed
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 threatening Steppe Twinhead Vipers near the ranch at Kapagan Steppe.

    Perinoor Ruins - lvl 46-48 (1)
    Community Center Location: Stonehew

    Hunting Request: Beware Aggressive Yaksa
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Yaksa Warriors and Yaksa Brawlers in the Skyfin Nests.

    Hasla - lvl 48-49 (6)
    Community Center Location: Veroe

    Hunting Request: A Husband’s Plea
    icon_quest_common sm.png Drive out 12 Vicious Wild Boars, Does, and Deer from the fields near Skysteps.

    Hunting Request: No Scrumping
    icon_quest_common sm.png Get rid of 12 Wicked Scrumpers at the farms on the road to Skysteps.
    Hunting Request: Ruining the Farm
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Wild Boars and Wild Crows responsible for crop damage outside of Galegarden.
    Hunting Request: Strange Creatures in the Fields
    icon_quest_common sm.png Eliminate 12 Giant Bees, Hooded Helltraps, Spotted Centipedes, and other nasty farm-invading creatures outside of Skysteps.
    Hunting Request: Travel Obstructions
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Scent Spiders east of the Field Library.
    Hunting Request: Warning: Contaminated Field
    icon_quest_common sm.png Kill 12 Tainted Crows and Tainted Earth Elementals, which are contaminating the fields of Skysteps.

    Resources for Hunting Request Quests:
    ArcheAge Tools -
    ArcheAge Codex -
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