Coronavirus Quarantine Weekend

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    Considering that the best thing we can all do during this pandemic is stay at home, we have decided that the best course of action is going to be have some good ole online fun this weekend! Each day we have lined up some games in mind that many of you will enjoy!
    We will have mumble channels set up for the events.

    Friday: Corona of Duty: Modern Bacteria Warfare

    Recently Call of Duty release Warzone, which is free to play with 2 modes, battle royale and plunder. We all know what BRs are at this point. Plunder is similar to Battle Royale, the Plunder game mode begins with you and your squad making infil into Verdansk.
    That, as well as the basic mechanics and map, are the lone similarities between Plunder and a standard game of Battle Royale. There is no circle collapse in Plunder, allowing your squad to access the whole of Verdansk freely. Furthermore, there is no post-death Gulag. When you fall in this warzone, you redeploy automatically after a short period of time. You win by being the first team to collect $1 mil.

    Saturday: Coronawatch

    Overwatch! Gonna be pretty much playing all day and all night. Depending on how many people are playing depends on what we will be doing. Play some online matches, custom matches, maybe even some special player created modes such as zombies! If you are able to make it at all, show up around 9:00 PM EST. That's when I will be doing my best to set up something special. Again, what that is depends on how many players we have.

    Sunday: Civilization 5: Plague Edition

    Civ 5 we will be playing from 2pm to 1 amest on Sunday. We will be playing 2 games ideally can save if 2nd game doesnt end before. People can come and go at anytime.

    Hope everyone is making it through these weird times ok, just wash your damn hands and BUY ALL THE TOILET PAPER for some reason

    Wednesday (3/25): Jackbox - 8 PM EST
    Wednesday 3/25 we'll be hosting a Jackbox night starting at 8 PM EST. Don't worry if you don't own the game - all you need is a phone to participate!

    Thursday (3/26): Monopoly - 9 PM EST

    @LoanWolf has been insisting on this one to prove his financial savvy. Please beat him. The game is currently on sale until next Thursday (60% off) so it's a great time to get it! Check out the store page here. Games start at 9:00 PM EST.

    Friday (3/27): Rocket League - 9 PM EST
    Having sports withdrawal? @Cadavr3 will be hosting a Rocket League game night this Friday! Come get your fix.

    Sunday (3/29): Movie Night - Mewtwo Strikes Back

    Along with games we'll be hosting some movie nights! Join us next Sunday for a groupwatch of Mewtwo Strikes Back. Times are still TBA but expect sometime in the evening - I'll update this as soon as we finalize the time.
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    We will be updating this post with additional events. We have a few in mind so please keep checking back here if you are looking for something to play!
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    Well this sounds like fun. I'll be getting OW.
    Nice titles btw

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