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    Memo: To All Free Company Personnel
    RE: New Employee of the Month Program

    Date: Third Day of the Fifth Month in the year 2019

    We are excited to announce our new Employee of the Month program in order to provide recognition to the outstanding employees that help make this Free Company great! The following program has been implemented to recognize these employees on a monthly basis and all employees are eligible for consideration except (CEO, Board Members, and Directors).

    a. Nominations may be made by anyone.
    b. Name and reason for nominating the employee must be sent via Discord private message to Bulldog.
    c. Nominations must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the end of the month.

    a. All Directors, Board Members, and CEO will discuss nominations and choose the Member of the Month.

    3. AWARD - Following are the current benefits of this award:
    a. Granted the "Emp ofthe Month" rank giving them access to change the Estate/Housing Name & Greeting.
    b. Top priority when seeking help or wanting to join groups.
    c. Dedicated parking spot for your chocobo in the Estate's stable.

    Our Employees of the Month:
    Aug 2019 - @Sheil
    Jul 2019 - @Kintsurugi

    Jun 2019 - @Fixxion
    May 2019 - @Sagenas

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