Gearing Up - Accessories (Level 50...ish)

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    Wanted to do a guide on how to get accessories once you get to Auroria as it's not entirely obvious and easy to skip over.

    Crimson Watch Ring
    This is the most straightforward accessory to acquire as you get it from your main storyline. The specific quest is called Crimson Watch Defense Preparation and is under Chapter 16: Security Concerns, after you complete the quests in Whalesong Harbor. The stamina will give you a bit of health, and the increased skill damage / healing is great for all classes.


    Proven Warrior Necklace
    While the stats on the Proven Warrior Necklace aren't fantastic on their own, it can continually be upgraded to an incredibly strong endgame necklace. The base version of the necklace requires two honorforged medals (purchasable from honor menu on your character info page for 2000 honor each) and five starlight archeum dust (gained from using evenstones on old accessories). To craft, visit a "Proven Warrior Workbench" in Sun's End, Halcyona or Marianople.

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    Illustrious Accessories (Earrings + Ring)
    Illustrious Accessories are the final piece to completing your accessory loadout. These can be a bit of a pain to get the materials for, but luckily there's a quest in Diamond Shores that gives you everything you need to make three of them!

    First, get to the Western Housing Providence in Diamond shores. There's actually a portal in Marianople that'll bring you right there. You'll be able to
    receive a quest there to craft a "Cloked Illustrious Lute/Flute" from one of the quest-givers in the area (can't remember who, if anyone doing this could post the name I'd appreciate it). Head to the Soulforged Anvil and scroll to the bottom of the crafting menu to find the instruments. Once you've crafted one of those, speak to the quest giver and he'll give you 1500 Revenant Soulstones.

    Head back to the Soulforged Anvil and craft a Cloaked Illustrious Ring and two Cloaked Illustrious Earrings. You can then open these and select one of four types - earth, gale, fire, or wave. What is best for you will depend on your class - I recommend going to the leaderboard and checking what high-ranked players of your class are wearing.
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