Gearing Up - Upgrading Armor/Weapons 1-50

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    Upgrading your starter gear 1-50
    Wanted to do a guide on this as it's a pretty confusing system and there's a lot of misinformation out there.

    Infusions - These are gained from the main storyline as you level up. You'll receive them in the form of Unidentified Story Quest Infusions: Rank 1/2/3

    Awakening Scrolls - You'll also get these from the main storyline. Like infusions, you'll have versions of them of ranks 1/2/3.

    Quest Gear - This is the armor/weapons set you'll get from boxes right at the beginning of the game. Depending on your race it'll be either Blizzard or Explorer's gear. It all turns into the same stuff in the end.

    Applying Infusions
    Infusions are how you increase the stats on your weapon/armor as well as the tier (Grand > Rare > Arcane > etc). To apply these, first you'll need to open up your inventory and right-click on the "unidentified" versions of the infusions. This will give you "Story Quest" infusions. Next, click the "Gear Upgrade" button at the bottom of the inventory window. This will open up the "Synthesis" page, which is where you apply the infusions. Stick your quest gear in the "Base Costume" box and the infusions in the "Materials" boxes and click the "Synthesis" button to upgrade your gear.

    Awakening Gear
    Eventually your gear will reach a tier where you're unable to upgrade it any more. For rank 1 infusions this is the Arcane rarity, for rank 2 this is Heroic, and rank 3 Unique. Once this happens, you'll need to awaken your gear. The first time you want to awaken your gear is at level 28, the second time at 40, and the third at 50. DO NOT DO THIS BEFORE YOU REACH THESE LEVELS OR YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO WEAR THE GEAR.

    To awaken your quest gear, it first needs to be capped out - meaning you're unable to add any more infusions to it. Then, go back to the gear upgrade page and select the sword at the top to get to the awakening menu. You'll then stick your gear in one slot and the appropriate awakening scroll in the other and click the "awakening" button at the bottom of the window.

    Rerolling Stats

    Now comes the annoying part - making sure the stats on your gear is good. As you awaken your gear you'll notice it gaining stats, as well as change attempts. Each time you awaken it you'll get a new stat. Using the first rank awakening scrolls, you'll get one of the five basic stats (STR/INT/AGI/STA/SPR), while the later two awakenings will get you more specific effects - like damage reduction, health, etc. The stats that are best for you will depend on your class - my suggestions would be to find someone on the leaderboard playing your class, right-click their name, and view their gear to see what stats they're running.

    To change stats you dislike, go to the gear upgrade page and click the "Replace Effects" button.

    Stick your gear in the equipment item slot you'll see a menu with your stats and amount of available change attempts pop up. The amount of changes you have will depend on how much you've leveled your gear, so you'll gain more as you keep putting infusions on it. To attempt to reroll an effect, select which effect you want to reroll and click the "Synthesis" button at the bottom. This will expend one of your change attempts and give you the option to switch to a different effect. You have the option to keep the current effect on it when you reroll gear by clicking the "cancel" gear after right after you synthesis it.

    Rerolling Gear
    So you've fully upgraded your rank three awakened gear, ran out of change attempts, and the effects still aren't the ones you want? No biggie - it's a bit more work, a bit of labor and some gold, but you can reroll the entire piece of gear and try again. You'll want to make sure you do this to get good stats on your gear before you start upgrading it to Hiram (which is later down the line). This does not work on lutes/flutes as you currently can't buy new ones.

    The first step is breaking down the gear to get back all the infusions and awakening scrolls you put into it. To do this, purchase an "Adventurer's Evenstone" from either a blacksmith or a general merchant. Unequip your gear then right click on the evenstone and select the item you want to reroll. This will destroy the item and place all the infusions/scrolls you used on it in your inventory.

    Next, you need to buy a new piece of quest gear. You can buy boxes of it from weapon merchants (for weapons) and armor merchants (for armor). These will give you basic versions of the gear, the same ones you started out with at level 5. Use the recovered awakening scrolls and infusions to upgraded it again, the same way you did originally (as outlined above). Then, just keep rolling till you get what you like - or try again!
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    Based on spotty info I've found, "Change Attempts" carry over to the next tier if you don't use them...up to 5 max.

    If true, wouldn't it be best to destroy the item and start over if you don't get your stat the first time after the 1st awakening and then reroll only once after the 2nd awakening and start all over if you don't get what you want. That way after the 3rd Awakening, you'll have 5 reroll attempts?

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