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    So now that we have access to a free company workshop in our house, it's time to start getting our airships and subs built \o/ However that's a rather long process, so that's where this guide comes in.

    Why do we need airships anyway? The FC lvl 3 buffs are locked behind airships or we have to buy them...and they aren't cheap. You gotta work for that fancy xp buff! We can also send them out for bulk mats and stuff later.

    Most recipes are lvl 40-70 it seems, but a lot of the crafts require low level mats as well, so help from any level crafter/gather is appreciated! :heart:

    First things first, you'll need to locate the fc workshop, which is located in our estate. The teleport can be found in your teleport list under All, and it's the first option. Once, there, you'll need to go inside and you'll see a door in the back, which is where you'll find the port to the workshop!


    There's a few things of note that can be found inside: a summoning bell, the grand company chest, a schematic board, and most importantly, the ~FABRICATION STATION~!!


    While a project is currently ongoing, this is the menu you'll see! Pretty straightforward. So, let's say you want to see what needs crafted: simply click the contribute materials option and it'll pull up another window.


    There's a lot going on in this window, so I'll try and break it down.

    Progress: This will show where we're at with construction. These crafts are broken down into 'phases' and we obviously need to finish each phase in order to progress to the next section. However, there are a few things that affect how much material we need. That brings me to the next point-

    Fabrication Condition/Quality: Crafts will always start with normal quality. While I haven't seen it actually effect the final quality of the item, it DOES lower required material costs which is super great! In order to boost that number, we want to submit as many HQ materials as possible. From there it's just RNG to get that quality number up. Once each phase is complete we have a chance to get a high quality on the next phase dependent on the construction quality of the previous phase. Basically, just spam hq mats until the last phase. Different crafts have different amounts of phases but it's all similar set ups.

    Right, so that's pretty easy, but there's a lot of materials and crafting to organize. The plan is to dedicate one tab of the company chest to the workshop (which is going to be tab 3). So anything being crafted or donated to the workshop projects should go there. If you have an abundance of crystals to donate as well, feel free to drop them in too! 8D we'll need a lot

    Note: Phases can't be completed unless there are 4+ Disciples of the Hand actually partied together in the workshop itself. Annoying, but that's how it is. Levels don't matter at least!



    So how the heck are we going to keep track of all the crafting and gathering going on for these projects? The answer is very simple, we're going to use one of the most convenient tools I've found for this kind of thing:

    100% I will always recommend using this site to new and returning crafters. It makes posting crafting lists with single or multiple items superrrr easy! There's also an entire database for gatherable items, macros, levequests, and pretty much anything else you'll ever need.

    Anyway, our current projects will be posted on the ffxiv crafting section of discord. Once you pull up the list you might be a tad overwhelmed by everything but it all has a purpose I swear!

    So this is a small portion of what it will look like:


    Everything is grouped into nice little categories, starting with the most obnoxious part of the whole thing AKA timed nodes. Here's a rough explanation:

    Item Names/Quantities- Pretty self explanitory, but it's the name of the material and which area its located in. If you click the little square button next to it, a map will show up with the closet aetheryte which is pretty cool 8D
    The quantity NEXT to the item name is how much is left, and will adjust according to the value on the RIGHT. Simply change the number to match however much you've gathered. The little dots next to the names bring up an entire submenu of useful things, like an inventory search macro you can copy into chat in-game, looking at crafting requirements, adding alarms and a lot more that I'm not going to get in to lol. The graph icon pulls up market board information but I'm not sure if it's still accurate since SE is cracking down on all of the marketboard sites :'(

    Timers: The timers for these gatherable nodes are listed in the middle. White numbers indicate how much time is remaining before the node itself pops, and orange indicated how much time is left before an active node despawns.

    Material Amounts: If you're not particularly down to do math every time you want to donate mats, you can click the little calulator next to the quantity and there's an option to add or remove a certain amount to/from the total.

    Acquisition methods: the little icons on the far right show the various methods to obtaining certain items. For example, Shroud Tea Leaves can be obtained from gardening, retainer ventures and a lvl 50 botanist node. You can click these icons to open a pop up with more information (if it's a vendor exchange it will even calculate how much of that currency you need).


    Once you gather some materials and update the list, it will start looking a little different. Green highlighted areas are completed items (the tea leaves), blue is ready to craft (not shown), and some quantities have been adjusted as well (the cocoon). It's a lot to take in at first but once you understand what's going on there's no better resource than this! Also make sure you mark off stuff from the BOTTOM up!

    Why? That makes no sense??? WELL

    Let's say you have some hq boar leather already sitting around but its not the full amount. If you mark off what you have, it will subtract the required mats from the rest of the list! This is only really relevant to people who can craft things tho, not just gather 8D

    If we get enough crafters working on one project we can actually assign specific parts to different people, but right now I don't think it's very necessary.


    Anyway if you're interested in helping but none of this makes sense, no worries! Just hand off mats to me or mail them and I'll take care of the rest!..... or make someone else do it :joy:

    If anyone has questions feel free to ask! keep in mind that I basically have no idea what I'm doing as I've never really worked with fc crafting before so I might not have a clue either haha
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