GUILD AUCTION: Pristine Hide of the Beast!

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    Hey muffins! We've had this thing for awhile, been kinda lazy with the auctioning. Bidding will start at 200g (that's about half the market price, I think, I've seen it on there for more than 400g before so ye).

    For those curious as to whether they would want this item, it's used to make a chest that's BiS for Bear tanks, also pretty good for DPS if you're doing both as a feral, and the BiS helm for Elemental Shamans and Warlocks. You can also make some pants with them but they suck, not worth the gold. The links to the two mentioned items and the hide itself are below.

    Link to Pristine Hide of the Beast:

    Link to Breastplate of Bloodthirst:

    Link to Cap of the Scarlet Savant:

    Obviously you can't equip this item so we just trust/hope that no one will go and sell it for more than what's bidded ;).

    It also requires you to gather some materials to make the items, such as arcanite bars, abom stitches and skins of shadow in order to craft. As well as an additional sum of gold the complete the quest.

    We'll run this till December.

    Have a good day!

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