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    Just wanted to take a moment to ensure that everyone realizes that before you hit social 40 you have the opportunity to reset and redistribute your crafting tree, but after social 40 you do not.

    In addition if anyone has specific tips on how to successfully spend your points, level a particular craft skill or maximize points on tree please reply to this tread!

    I would highly recommend you doing this to ensure that you have the available learning points for the things you will want to be able to do. A lot of us have focused on unlocking whatever items as we leveled crafting so it would be prudent to take a moment to reflect on what you want your character to be able to have access to now and as you continue to level. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to specialize in more than 1 MAYBE 2 areas, but you may be able to do basic stuff in more than one.

    As a side note this tread was a very interesting read in terms of determining max points. The assumption of this individual is that we will have about 8710 at max level, and there is also information indicating the the final tier of cooking it will take about 800 points to fully unlock all recipes on the node. Read this thread for more details (including how they are earned).

    How to check your social level--

    Charcter page> Craft Tab> right side of page is social level

    How to reset your tree--

    1. Go to Crafting trainer in south Sulan named Rotfir Waes.

    2. Access the shop not the quests he gives and purchse the Total Dismissal Philter (can be used 1 time per week). There are different prices based on your social level so look at the details before buying.

    3. Respend your points. I would recommend thinking about:

    • The utilities you want firts and minus those points from your learning point pool.
    • Then consider 1 craft area and look through the tree to calculate how many points you need for those ( I am not aware of how many more points you will have as you continue to level for future pages so might want to keep a pool available).
    • Then look at the main and secondary stats for your choosen crafting profession and see if you want to unlock any of the items to give those boosts.
    • Is there any particular mats you want to be able to gather (may have to use alt or purchase for some)
    • Do you have enough to spend on another crafting profession? That will be up to you to decide.

    It should be noted that the Crafting trainer also has 2 quests that you can pick up . These quests can be done once per day and does not appear to be a social level cap so this will asssist in helping redo things after social 40 (much more slowly and costly). In order to complete these quests you need to purchase a gold bar or gold brick from a general vendor to give to the trainer.

    The ability philter will cost about 2k imperial notes and allows you to unlearn 1 recipe. It should be noted that you have to unlearn the one farthest to the right first and work your way to the left.


    The Node Dismissal Philter costs 10k imperial notes and will reset an entire node (all recipes on it). This can only be done 1 time per week but I d not see any social level cutoff. It should be noted that these philters cannot be stored in your storage and you can only have 3 at a time on you.


    As we all know the biggest limiting factor on gathering/fishing/crafting is having enough Diligence and Inspiration available. Also having enough learning points to fully unlock all the crafting tree recipes etc.
    There is no clear cut answer as to which way you should go but look closely at the professions main/secondary stat use, amount of DP and IN use and see if there are compatible skills.

    For Example:
    -Alchemy uses only IN and Blacksmiting use DP so would complent each other.
    -Tailoring uses More DP less IQ and Cooking is the opposite so might complent each other.
    -Alchemy and Fishing could pair well
    -One skill and gathering

    Also are you just crafting for yourself or to help others/make money. If it just for yourself you could stretch your learning points farther but to accomodate all classes for alchemy and cooking will take more points.

    Here are some links to more crafting information, however keep in mind some are still in China version language.
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    I went blacksmithing and alchemy. I know some others have also.

    We probably have a large need in gathering materials. It is pure profit, crafting at the beginning seems to be a pretty big cost since the prices are way below the materials.
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