Instanced PvP Arenas - What are they, how to do them, and why you should

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    What are "Instanced PvP Arenas"?
    Instanced PvP arenas are cross-server PvP battles that you can queue for anywhere on the map. Currently the only type of instanced PvP that I can confirm as working is "Drill Camp", the 10v10 arena. I've seen people say the free-for-all mode works, but I haven't been able to get a match myself. Gladiator and sparring arenas are currently broken. I haven't tested the naval arena and as far as I know it's broken as well.

    How can I participate in arenas?
    You can queue for an arena anywhere on the map by clicking the orange "instances" button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. From this screen, select the type of instance you'd like to participate and click the "enter" button in the bottom right of the window. This will place you in a queue while the game waits for others to queue up for arena. Once the arena has enough players, a window will pop up asking you to confirm if you'd like to enter.

    If you have 5+ people you are able to queue for drill camp as a party. To do this, create a private lobby in the instance window and queue together as a group once everyone is in. I haven't tested this myself so not certain of the exact steps, though I know it is working.

    Drill Camp (5v5 - 10v10)
    There's a few things to know about Drill Camp before you queue. Firstly, gear is equalized - anyone level 45 or up may queue for the instance and will have equal gear to anyone else. However, skills/abilities are not scaled, so while you might have the same equipment as an Ancesteral 10 at 45 you probably still won't be as strong as them. When you enter, you'll be able to choose if you'd like to use cloth/leather/plate, shield/two handed/duel wield/archery buffs, and different types of skill damage. Select the ones that go best for your class - for instance, as a Darkrunner I take leather, two-handed, and melee damage. You win by either having more kills at the end of 15 minutes or by destroying the enemy's crystal.

    Killstreaks play an important role in Drill Camp. When in Drill Camp you'll notice a bar at the right side of your screen with a number of abilities on it. The first lets you increase a specific type of damage, and you get this each life without any kills (so use it as soon as you spawn). Each kill you get without dying will unlock a new ability on the bar - scroll over them to see what they do. The abilities you've unlocked are all single use and will persist through death, however the killstreak counter is reset with each death you have.

    Gladiator Arena (1v1)
    Gladiator arena is a simple best-of-three 1v1 instanced arena. You will use the gear that you have on your character outside the instance, and it will attempt to match you with someone with similar gearscore to you. Whoever kills the other person two times first wins.

    Sparring Arena (Balanced 1v1)
    Like Gladiator Arenas, Sparring Arenas are 1v1 best-of-three format. However, the difference is that in sparring arenas gear is equalized - different players will be given the same gear options upon entering the arena (like Drill Camp).

    I'm not going to go into the other instance types as I haven't been able to test them myself yet.

    What do you get for instanced PvP?
    Each day, you'll be able to earn rewards for queuing in PvP instances up to five times. These rewards come in two forms - chests containing rare hiram infusions and arena coins (which may not be the name of them... I can't remember) which will be mailed to you after completion of each arena. The amount of coins you earn depends on the result of your matches - in Drill Camp you get 20 from a win, 12 from a tie, and 8 from a loss (along with 3 Hiram infusions for win, 2 for tie, 1 for loss). These coins can be used in the arena shop, accessible in the instances window. Initially, the best thing to be spending them on is titles. There's five titles you can purchase from the arena shop - 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th Rank Solider, which give increasing stat boost as you acquire higher level ones. These titles cost between 20 and 100 of the arena coins, and require the previous arena title in order to use. For example, you purchase the 5th rank solider title (the cheapest one) first. When you get more arena coins, you're able to upgrade this to 4th rank solider by buying the fourth rank solider title. However, you wouldn't be able to use the 4th rank solider title buff unless you'd previously bought the 5th rank solider one.

    You don't actually need to have the titles displayed over your head to get the buff from them. Just go to your "achievements" window, select the "titles" tab, and pick the title buff you'd like to use.
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