Intrepid E-mail Communication - Update & Live Stream for Charity on 11/3

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    Development Update

    Glorious Ashes Community,

    Intrepid is proud to announce, that with every passing month, Ashes of Creation grows stronger and stronger! The team is hard at work preparing Verra for your arrival! Vast landscapes and compelling stories soon to be at your fingertips. A world where your decisions will shape the future to come.

    The past 2 months since our presence at Gamescom and PAX West, we have been testing Alpha One Phase 1 with our glorious testers. We are happy to say that these testing periods have helped us greatly improve the state of the game.

    If you did not have a chance to watch yesterday's Live Stream, you can check that out below! There is a lot of information! And the end has a little look at some of the team's Halloween spirit.

    Don't forget, this Saturday November 3rd, at 9am PDT we will once again be hosting a 24-hour gaming for charity for Extra Life! You can tune in on our official Twitch to watch our team play various video games, and even an RPG session in the world of Ashes.

    October 31st Live Stream

    Art Progress

    Our artists have been working their magic on some awesome looking weapon variations that players will be able to equip in the highly customizable world of Ashes.

    Some of these weapon variants will be achievable in the Arena mode, Ashes of Creation Apocalypse.


    These types of highly customizable variants with weapons and armors help to distinguish players and their achievements from their fellow gamers.


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