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    Just a quick note about the mumble channels set up for FF XIV:

    Main Channel (lobby) is for anyone to use and a place to mingle and talk or just hang out and listen. Sometimes there may be not much talking while other times quite a bit of talking and this is great and what this channel is for. Please always try your best to be respectful of others and wait your turn to jump in. However, interruptions do happen if someone has something important/immediate to announce so please be understanding should that occur.

    Dungeons & Raids (Conf Rooms):
    If your group is going to run a dungeon/raid, you have two choices. Remain in the lobby or move to a conference room. If remaining in the lobby, please remember to try and not interrupt conversations from others in the lobby, even if your tank just dropped and the DPS are about to be squashed. If you are doing a difficult dungeon, you probably should always go to one of the conference rooms for easier and quicker communication. Other are always welcome to join in the conference rooms but must respect that your conversations (and screams of agony) take precedent.

    Questing (Conf Rooms):
    Our conference rooms have been designed to be multi-functional and are able to also service those that need to get away from the lobby chatter to focus on the great stories this game offers. Don't feel bad about leaving the channel to go questing alone or with others. Just clean up after yourself when done, please.

    Company Meetings (Cafeteria):
    The cafeteria is where we will meet for all company-wide meetings. Feel free to bring your own food and sit back and enjoy...and participate. Most meetings should be short. Time is money after all. However, this room is open 24/7 and can be used by anyone at any time to drop in for a quick bite to eat.

    Crafters (Shop Floor):
    We haven't forgotten about the crafters and have developed a state of the art shop floor with easy communication with other crafters while you work. If this room ends up not being handy, we'll turn it into a parking garage or maybe a basketball court later.
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