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    So I figured with all the TG's in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, some may be attending Ohayocon in Columbus this coming January.
    I figured I'd make a post and see if any others in TG are planning on going to Ohayocon and want to possibly meet for shenanigans. I put some of the conventions info below, but if anyone has more questions ask away. Ohayocon was one of my first conventions I ever attended, and one of the first few I staffed. ^.^

    Official Site: https://ohayocon.org/

    Date: January 10th12th 2020

    Location: Columbus, Ohio

    Price: Prices range between 50-70.00 pending how you buy a pass. They are offering pre-registration which is cheaper, and if buying a full weekend pass at the door in person you can. (They also sell single day passes at the door, but those are not included for pre-registration.)

    Pre-reg prices are:
    Sept. 20 – Oct. 19: $50
    Oct. 20 – Nov. 19: $55
    Nov. 20– Jan. 5: $60
    January 10th weekend pass bought at door: 70.00 Cash only

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