[Possible Spoilers] Shadowbringers - 5.0 Minions/Mounts & Collectibles

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    Disclaimer: The contents of this post will very likely contain spoilers in regards to dungeons, monsters and story by the names or methods of obtaining - view at your own discretion.

    Wind-up Fran (Bonus from Shadowbringers CE)
    Wind-up G'raha Tia (Reward from Final MSQ quest)
    Wind-Up Omega-F (Wondrous Tales)
    Wind-Up Omega-M (Wondrous Tales)
    Black Hayate (Lvl 71 Dungeon - Holminster Switch)
    Tiny Echevore (Lvl 73 Dungeon - Dohn Mheg)
    Chameleon (Lvl 75 Dungeon - The Qitana Ravel)
    Armadillo Bowler (Lvl 77 Dungeon - Malikah's Well)
    Forgiven Hate (Lvl 79 Dungeon - Mt Gulg)
    Clionid Larva (Lvl 80 Dungeon - Akadaemia Anyder)
    Shoebill (Lvl 80 Dungeon - Amaurot)
    Bitty Duckbill (800x Sacks of Nuts)
    Wind-up Nu Mou (800x Sacks of Nuts)
    Micro Gigantender (400x Bicolour Gemstone, Amh Araeng)
    Butterfly Effect (400x Bicolour Gemstone, Rak'tika)
    Giant Beaver (1x Dancing Wing from Dancing Plague)
    Ironfrog Ambler (6x Formidable Cog, FATE Chain in Kholusia)
    Tinker's Bell (6x Archeorania's Horn, FATE Chain in Tempest)
    The Great Serpent of Ronka (Chain of Sidequests in Rak'tika)

    Grani (Bonus from Shadowbringers CE)
    War Tiger (Achievement Tank you Gunbreaker II- Complete 200 dungeons/EX trials (Lv. 61+), or 50/60/70 & leveling roulette (with bonus) as a gunbreaker.)
    Battle Tiger (Achievement Tank you Gunbreaker III- Complete 300 dungeons/EX trials (Lv. 61+), or 50/60/70 & leveling roulette (with bonus) as a gunbreaker.)
    Triceratops (Achievement Nuts for Nutsy- Kill 2,000 A-Ranks and 1,000 S-Ranks in Novrandt)
    Amaro (Achievement Life of Adventure IV- Get Lv. 80 in all DoW and DoM jobs)
    Fae Gwiber (Titania Extreme)
    Innocent Gwiber (Innocence Extreme)
    Ironfrog Mover (12x Formidable Cog, FATE Chain in Kholusia)
    Circus Ahriman (Seasonal Event, All Saint's Wake 2019)

    Titania Barding (Crafted, Dancing Wing drops from Titania Extreme)
    Innocence Barding (Crafted, Immaculate Wingblade drops from Innocence Extreme)
    Dancer Barding (350x Bicolour Gemstone, Eulmore)
    Deepshadow Barding (350x Bicolour Gemstone, Lakeland)

    Orchestrion Roll
    The Source (350x Bicolour Gemstone, Lakeland shared FATEs Rank 3)
    A World Divided (350x Bicolour Gemstone, Kholusiashared FATEs Rank 3)
    Sands of Amber (350x Bicolour Gemstone, Amh Araengshared FATEs Rank 3)
    Fierce and Free (350x Bicolour Gemstone, Il Mhegshared FATEs Rank 3)
    Civilizations (350x Bicolour Gemstone, Rak'tikashared FATEs Rank 3)
    Full Fathom Five (350x Bicolour Gemstone, Tempest shared FATEs Rank 3)
    What Angel Wakes Me (Crafted, Faded Copy of What Angel Wakes Me drops from Titania Extreme)
    Insanity (Crafted, Faded Copy of Insanity drops from Innocence Extreme)
    Shadowbringers (First 5.0 MSQ Quest)
    Tomorrow and Tomorrow (Final MSQ quest)
    To Fire and Sword (Lvl 71 Dungeon - Holminster Switch)
    Figments (Lvl 73 Dungeon - Dohn Mheg)
    Unwound (Lvl 75 Dungeon - The Qitana Ravel)
    Deep Down (Lvl 77 Dungeon - Malikah's Well)
    In the Belly of the Beast (Lvl 79 Dungeon - Mt Gulg)
    Mortal Instants (Lvl 80 Dungeon - Amaurot)
    Shadows Withal (Lvl 80 Dungeon - Akadaemia Anyder)
    A Long Fall (Lvl 80 Dungeon - The Twinning)
    Alienus (Lvl 69 Dungeon - Castrum Abania)
    Fury (Lvl 32 Dungeon - Brayflox's Longstop)
    Rencounter (300x Sacks of Nuts)
    The Dark Which Illuminates the World (350x Bicolour Gemstone, The Crystarium)
    Indulgence (350x Bicolour Gemstone, Eulmore)
    The Worm's Tail (Journeys Version) (Soundtrack Bonus)
    eScape (Journeys Version) (Soundtrack Bonus)

    Triple Triad Card
    Amaro (★) Duel Glynard, The Crystarium (10.8, 15.2)
    Evil Weapon (★) Duel Drery, Ahm Araeng (12, 17)
    Lord and Lady Chai (★) Duel Ibenart, Kholusia (19.1, 17.4)
    Gigantender (★★) Duel Drery, Ahm Araeng (12, 17)
    Feo Ul (★★) Duel Gyuf Uin, Il Mheg (16.1, 30.6)
    Runar (★★) Duel Hargra, Rak'tika Greatwood (18.6, 26)
    Grenoldt (★★) Duel
    Philia (★★★) Dungeon Reward Lvl 71 Dungeon Holminster Switch
    Titania (★★★) Trial Reward Dancing Plague (Normal & Extreme)
    Eros (★★★) Dungeon Reward Lvl 75 Dungeon The Qitana Ravel
    Storge (★★★) Dungeon Reward Lvl 77 Dungeon - Malikah's Well
    Formidable (★★★) Purchased with Currency 200x Bicolour Gemstone, Kholusia)
    Lyna (★★★) Duel Lamlyn, Lakeland (35.4, 20.2)
    Jongleurs of Eulmore (★★★) Duel Grewenn, Eulmore (12.5, 9.9)
    Innocence (★★★★) Trial Reward Crown of the Immaculate (Normal & Extreme).
    Shadowbringers Y'shtola (★★★★) Duel Hargra, Rak'tika Greatwood (18.6, 26)
    Shadowbringers Urianger (★★★★) Achievement - Triple-decker IX Obtain 270 Cards
    Ran'jit (★★★★) Duel Grewenn, Eulmore (12.5, 9.9)
    Hades (★★★★★) Duty Reward
    Ardbert (★★★★★) Acheivement - Triple Team VII Defeat 92 NPCs

    Modern Aesthetics - Great Lengths (Gold Saucer, 30,000 MGP)

    Splash (/splash) Ballroom Etiquette - Frolicsome Folly (Mog Station, only during Moonfire Faire)
    LaliHo (/laliho) Quest Reward (Sidequest chain following lvl 78 Aether Current quest in Tomra, Eulmore)

    Items not available yet:
    Wind-Up Suzaku
    Sunspun Cumulus

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