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    Happy Almost New Year WoW Chapter!

    We have been progressing so well these past weeks and it's thanks to everyone's effort we are where we are. I have no doubt we'll start clearing MC faster and faster and gear up for BWL in the coming year.

    We your leadership wanted to take this opportunity to make some adjustments to our raids. These changes mainly designate Officers who will be covering different duties to split the work and make our raids more organized and efficient. We will also be implementing an Assignment AddOn that will help us get you all assignments in a clear and efficient manner. It is unfortunately not on Twitch so after the following info I will attach instructions to get it installed if you're unsure of how to do so.

    Please note that these assignments may change in the future.


    New Year Raid Assignments:

    Raid Leader:
    (Raid Direction, Time Management and Group Organization)
    NOTE: In the event that a tactics change is required, the raid leader has final say in management of the strategy.

    Master Looter: Morketh
    (Loot allocation and misc gathering assignments such as Corehound Leather and Dark Iron)

    Attendance and Points: Ledmojo
    (Ensures that attendance points get added and used correctly)

    Boss Breakdown and explanation: JKyle (Grabendash)
    (Explains Boss mechanics before fights)

    Boss Shotcaller: Kinson
    (Shotcalling on Boss fights where general communication should be silent)

    Tank Assignments: mmoxei (backup SurgeMonkey)
    (Handles tank assignments on pulls that require more than 2 tanks)

    Healer Assignments: Stafoo (backup BXPander)
    (Handles Healing Assignments)

    Banish Assignments: LoganSilver (backup Zid)
    (Handles assignments for warlock banishes)

    Secondary Assignments: Proofie
    (Sheeps, Kicks and other assignments ie, Mage Ice-block Pull)

    General Questions During Raid: Temujin (Headpool)
    (Covers secondary questions that should be saved for messages and not broadcast to raid. This helps reduce chatter)

    Guild Fluffer: LoanWolf
    (Needs no explanation)


    Primary Tank: JKyle (Grabendash)

    Secondary Tank: SurgeMonkey

    Off-Tanks: Bullkuso, Namtaru, Gulubdur

    NOTE: If a tank is absent please refer to the assignments!


    Angry Assignments Instructions:

    We've been testing and exploring AddOns that can help keep us on track and organized during raid. We settled on Angry Assignments due to it's versatility and ability to communicate assignments to the raid quickly and efficiently.

    To see the new Boss assignments during raid and to know who you'll be tanking, healing, banishing or sheeping you'll want to do the following.

    Since this AddOn is actually a retail add-on (That has no issues working with Classic) the install for it is a little longer but I want to try to make it easy for you.

    1) Navigate to the following website and choose the manual download function.


    2) Find the download in your downloads folder and right-click it and choose "Extract Files..."


    3) Extract it to the following path then click "OK"

    C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\AddOns


    4) Reboot your WoW Client and make the following changes.

    4a) Go to "Interface options"


    4b) Navigate to AddOns in the top Left and select Angry Assignments. At the bottom click the checkbox that says "Allow All"


    4c) If you would like to use a key to hide the Assignments during fights you can go to the following and set the Keybind.

    Go to Key Bindings in your ESC menu and click on AddOns and set a keybind for Toggle display under Angry Assignments.



    I know it seems like a lot but it's a set it and forget it for a raider, Having this AddOn should greatly increase our efficiency during raid. I would strongly encourage you to get the AddOn and if you have any issue getting things working please reach out to an Officer and we can assist.

    Thank you everyone!! I'm looking forward to The TG WoW Classic Chapter in 2020!!


    -The Wizard Morketh-
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    Another nifty feature you can see in morks 4b image. if you put your name or abbreviations in that highlight window it will show you when your name appears in the messages

    For example i might show up like:

    MT: grabendash
    healers: stafoo, telf
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