Shadowbringers is almost here!

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    We are only 10 days away from Shadowbringers early access!!

    Here's a great Prep Guide to help you get ready:
    And if a video for those that don't like to read:

    For those that have been thinking about playing, there's no better time than now. You can download the game and play for free until you reach level 35. If you are not into incredible quests, you can purchase level boosts to 60 and main story quest completions through Heavensward (and possibly soon through Stormblood) although I'd highly recommend taking your time and enjoying this story.

    To download:
    And make sure you use a recruitment code to get additional perks including an EXP buff!!
    My code is: 86QP4CMG (or have one of your friends already playing generate one for you).

    Realm Reborn (base game): Levels 0 to 50
    Heavensward: Levels 51 to 60
    Stormblood: Levels 61 to 70
    Shadowbringiners: Levels 71 to 80 (pre-ordering this expansion will give you Heavensward and Stormblood for free)

    And as always, if there is anything that anyone needs help with, please speak up. Either here or in Discord or in Mumble.

    And let the countdown commence!
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