Tenacious PvP Tournament February 12th, 9 PM EST

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    Hello Friends! It's a new month and so we'll be having another PvP tournament right before we go into BWL. Due to how late we are starting we will just be hosting the 1v1 this time and will have a 2v2 bracket on a separate date.

    Date: February 12th
    Time: 9pm EST
    Tournaments: 1v1
    Location: Hyjal
    The tournament will be in a randomized double elimination format.
    Rules: See below
    Prize: Your very own Tenacious Discord emote! And some other things as well probably.

    We will again be using the CDL rules with a slight modification; Soul Link is banned. You can read the original CDL rules here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tk7q7_BesgvqnEk6gzowMa-elJQxi8WiaELjkeJ4y4o/preview

    For those too lazy to click that link the rules are as follows:

    All baseline Class abilities are permitted, except for certain conjurable items (i.e. Healthstone, which are banned.)
    1. Only Class self-buffs are allowed for each player, or equippable item buffs (i.e. Headmaster’s Charge), so long as the equippable item buffs only last when that specific item is equipped. All other buffs are banned.

    2. Players must maintain 1 talent build for the entirety of the Qualifiers.
    3. Competitors may not leave the designated dueling location for any reason (including hearthstoning to repair). If a competitor must log offline for any reason, a maximum of 5 minutes of offline time will be permitted. After the 5 minute mark, the competitor will be forced to forfeit their remaining duels for the day.
    4. There will be a 60 second downtime between duels for classes to heal and mana-up.
    5. Duelists must maintain 20 yards of distance from one another at the start of a duel. To guarantee this distance is accurate, duelers shall stand on the duel flag at the initiation of a duel before moving 10 yards directly opposite of one another. Once the duelers have reached the 20 yard range, no additional movement will be permitted prior to the duel commencing and the enemy turning hostile.
    6. No mounting will be allowed prior to a duel commencing. Once the duel has commenced and the opponent has become hostile, mounting is permitted.
    7. Duelists may only compete with 1 character for the entirety of Season I.
    8. Observing duelists shall stand clear of the dueling area.
      No intentional delays shall be permitted (i.e., rogues intentionally stealthing for minutes to reset CDs). Any non-strategic acts whose sole purpose is to delay a duel will result in the forfeit of the duel by the delayer. Inactivity of 30 seconds or more during a duel will result in an immediate delay of game penalty.
    2. Fleeing from a duel will result in a loss by the fleeing player. If a player is force-fled by another player (i.e., intentionally chain fearing a player on the rim of the duel line), the situation will be called into review but may result in a loss for the exploiting player
    3. If a duel forfeiture is deemed accidental, both duelers may be required to re-do the duel. Cooldown time will not be granted for re-duels.
    4. In the event of a Duel Timeout, no win will be granted. Duelers will re-duel, but with a cap on food and water set to only 3 for the remaining duels of that matchup.
    In the event of an external interference during a duel that is deemed by CDL administrators and referees to affect the outcome of a duel, the duel shall be stopped and redone immediately. Cooldown time will not be granted for re-duels.

    All one-time, on-use, non-equippable consumable engineering items are banned, except for Grenades and Engineering Bombs, which are permitted aside from those specified below.
    1. Arcane Bomb is banned.
    2. Flash Bomb is banned.
    3. Goblin Rocket Helmet it is banned.
    4. Gnomish Mind Control Cap is banned.
    5. Arcanite Dragonling is banned.

    1. All consumables and temporary on-use non-equippable items, including class-conjurable on-use items, (aside from the items specified below) are banned.
    2. First Aid Bandages are permitted.
    3. Mage mana gems are permitted.
    4. Food and Water is permitted (conjurable food and water is permitted as well).
    5. Thistle tea is banned.
    6. Powerful Anti-Venom is permitted.
    7. Great Rage Potions (not Mighty Rage) are permitted.
    8. Whipper Root Tubers are permitted.
    9. Demonic and Dark Runes are permitted.
    1. All non-consumable equippable items, unless otherwise specified in these rules are permitted, except for the below mentioned items.
    2. Tidal Charm is banned.
    3. Lifestone is banned.
    4. Furbolg Medicine Pouch is banned.
    5. Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire and Book of the Dead are banned.
    6. Only 1 Absorb item is allowed to be equipped per duel (i.e., AGM and Mark of Resolution cannot be used together in a single duel).
    7. Equipped Shadow Resistance gear of up to 200, buffed, is permitted.
    8. Equipped Frost Resistance gear of up to 100, buffed, is permitted.
    9. Equipped Nature Resistance gear of up to 100, buffed, is permitted.
    10. Equipped Fire Resistance gear of up to 100, buffed, is permitted.
    11. Equipped Arcane Resistance gear of up to 100, buffed, is permitted.
    12. Stealth Detection equippable items are permitted (Stealth class opener rules still apply).

    Stealth Classes will always get the uncontested opener in a duel. An uncontested opener is defined as the first offensive action cast, which includes ability-use such as Cheap Shot and Blood Fury, or trinket use such as Barov’s Peasant Caller.
    1. Warriors will always get an uncontested opener (except against stealth classes, whose opener takes priority). An uncontested opener is defined as the first offensive action cast, which includes ability-use such as Charge or item use such as Grenade and trinket usage such as Barov’s Peasant Caller.
    2. Classes with assigned openers will forfeit their right to an uncontested opener if more than 25 seconds elapses between the duel commencing (the moment the opponent becomes hostile) and their opener taking place.
    3. Shaman may have up to 4 totems down at the start of a duel.
    4. No Pre-Hotting (applying Heal over Time spells before a duel begins) is allowed.
    5. Hunters pre-trapping (placing a trap before a duel begins) is not permitted. Hunter traps may only be placed after the duel has counted down to 0 and the opponent has become hostile.
    6. Warlocks pre-saccing (sacrificing demon before the duel begins) is not permitted.
    7. In Rogue vs. Rogue matchup, each competitor will trade an uncontested opener on their opponent. If the match goes to 3, the third match will begin with both Rogues 20 yards apart in stealth and commencing the duel without moving beyond the 20 yard perimeter. Dire Maul stamina buffs and Power Word: Fortitude will be granted to each Rogue.
    8. In Druid vs. Rogue matchup, each competitor will trade an uncontested opener on their opponent. If the match goes to 3, opener rules no longer apply and the competitors will have to seek each other out.
    9. In Druid vs. Druid matchup, each competitor will get a match where they will be allowed the uncontested opener on the other. If the match goes to 3, both competitors will be required to open on each other out of stealth.

    If you wish to participate, please post your character name, your class and your level. Feel free to ask any questions :).

    Currently Signed Up:

    LoganSilver (60 Lock)
    Stafoo (60 Priest)
    Zid (60 Lock)
    Proofie (60 Shaman)
    Mukto (60 Warrior)
    Morketh (60 Mage)
    Mommadae (60 Priest)
    Headpool (60 Rogue)
    Gathar (60 Hunter)
    Angryfoo (60 Warrior)
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    Interested in 1v1 and 2v2.
    RIP Soul Link.
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    Zid Warlock 60
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    High Warlord (soon to be City Protector) Proofie. #8 groomsmaid
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    Freewin 60 warrior.
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    Another token. 60 fury warrior.

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