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    Posted to the 8,000+ Member Official UO Outlands Discord and my 800+ Member Clan Forum today [Tenacious Gamers] TG-> http://www.tenaciousgamers.com/ <- If anyone is familiar with ⌨ Ultima Online ⚔ and is interested in playing , I may looking to re-organize my old guild and/or join/ally with my old Lake Superior crew KoTC in the near future if I can get the people back on.. We were 30+ members strong on IPY; a free shard that is still talked about, starting with just me, Izual. This server UO Outlands has been running strong since 2018 and is 10x ✅ better than IPY, and has the potential to be a lot of fun for us. There are easily 1,000+ active players, and this is not just a ⚔ PvP server, although there are daily events for PvP , this is a PvE and Event driven server with quality admins and weekly patches ⌨ and updates. If anyone has any interest in hanging out and Role Playing and PvPing, if you like that sort of thing , or any interest in playing at all, feel free to join up ✅ with me.. Who am I? Nobody, but I played Ultima Online since the game was released in December '97 and ran a guild called A N N I H A L U S!! [FuQ] which was a very successful and dominant force on every server we played. We will be an Anti-Pk squad on this server. You can download the client and Razor macro utility here -> https://uooutlands.com/ <- and the Official Ultima Online Discord -> https://discord.com/invite/M6pNQn2 <- A little about me? Sure! -> https://djent713.wixsite.com/djent713 <- If you would like to join me I am creating a small discord to organize my in-game team (ask me) for activity and anyone who wants to tag along. Looking forward to seeing you guys in-game. Take care all.
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