Upgrading your Farm Cart to a Farm Wagon for free!

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    How to upgrade your Farm Cart

    It's important that you only do this AFTER you complete the initial farm cart quest, as converting it beforehand will keep the quest from recognizing your cart, and you will be forced to build a new one.


    For those who aren't familiar, when you do your Blue Salt Brotherhood questline, you will eventually come across a quest where you need to make a farm cart, and later on they want you to upgrade it into a wagon.

    You will eventually come to a quest that rewards 50 gilda, with the intention that you spend those on buying the farm wagon design. I recommend to instead make an alternate character, spending 30-45 minutes plowing through the main story (and doing achievements) to earn 50 gilda. Now you can buy the design with that alt character, and keep the 50 that you just got on your main character, so you help your current stockpile of gilda.

    Over the next few quests, you will be rewarded with the components to upgrade your cart to a wagon, EXCEPT you aren't given any "Strong Wheels" which are needed (4x25g as of this posting). Fortunately there is a way around this. The "chroma" version of the farm vehicles are the same except they allow you to dye them, and oddly enough they have a slightly different recipe. First you go to a carpentry workbench, and convert your Farm Cart to a Farm Cart Chroma. It requires nothing except the cart that you already have.


    Then you can convert your Farm Cart Chroma to a Farm Wagon Chroma, which requires only what you currently have earned from quests.


    Congrats, you have now upgraded your cart to a wagon, saved gold, and earned 50 gilda on your main.​
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