Where's Bulldog?

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn' started by Bulldog, May 6, 2019.

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    Ok folks, let's see how well you know Eorzea!!

    I'll post a picture of me at some location in Eorzea (Realm Reborn) and the first person to private message me their photo standing in the same place along with the map location (displayed below mini-map) of where I'm at will win $5 towards any Mog Station items that I'm able to gift you. Twice a month (or until I run out of money or lack of interest), I'll post a new picture of me at a different location for another $5 prize. If no one is able to find my secret spot in the two weeks, the prize money will carry forward to the next round. (so, if no one is able to find me after 1 month, the next round prize will be $15)

    1. Each Round will take place on the First and Third Mondays and ends at 9:00 PM EST. The new photo will be posted at that time or soon thereafter.
    2. If multiple people guess the same location, the one coming closest to the exact position I have marked will win.
    3. If multiple people correctly determine the exact location, the first entry submitted will win.
    4. This "Where's Bulldog" challenge is open to ALL Tenacious Members playing FF14.
    5. To qualify, find the spot where you think I'm at and take a photo with your mini-map displayed and send it to me in a private message on this site.
    6. Rules may change as needed.

    Here's the first location. Now get out there and find me! (and good luck)


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