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    I've been playing Hearthstone for months, I don't remember when I had first started it's been far too long. I prefer ranked constructed, then Tavern Brawls, then casual constructed, and least of all, arenas. The main reason I dislike arenas is that I am awful at them, so that's one area I drastically want to improve. I am always up for playing against a friend for some fun, though I do warn I own most cards and utilize them in my decks. Just let me know and I can replace some cards to make it more entertaining for the both of us. I'm not very good at creating my own decks, another thing I need to work on to help me push my way up the ladder. I use decks that I find on hearthpwn most of the time, changing them to suit what cards I have as needed.

    My Battletag is Zeklomontu#1945, feel free to add me.

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