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    Tenacious is a long tenured, multi-platform gaming community of friends and like-minded gamers from around the world. We are large enough to have a presence in multiple games, yet never so large that we forget our roots, never so large that we don't slow down and get to know our members as friends.

    Born in Aion open beta back in the summer of 2009 (August 10th to be exact), Tenacious has become a premier multi-core gaming destination. From the casual, to the casually accomplished to the dedicated and detailed harder core gamer, Tenacious has built it's reputation in the gaming world as a safe and engaging sanctuary for gamers of all abilities. Where other guilds are erected for one game and die with that game, Tenacious has stood the test of time, bound together by the quality of our members, the bonds we form as friends, and the epic times that we share. We are blessed with a roster of incredible people, most of whom spend their time together in and out of gaming. We pride ourselves on our commitments to each other, our community service and the rage & drama free gaming environment that we've created, where you can come as you are and be who you are.

    For years, many of us dearly loved our motto, "Hardcore at Heart, Casual by Nature". Yet, as we've grown, we've broadened our minds to accept that not all games lend themselves to totally casual gaming. Some of us have hardcore pasts, yet choose to game more casually these days. On the other hand, some members are online every minute they can spare from their daily lives. Therefore, no matter your gaming style, no matter your 'core', we believe that you can find a peer group here. We do, however, always understand that family, responsibility, and real life come first.

    Tenacious is primarily made up of mature adults, although maturity doesn't always go hand-in-hand with age. Therefore, we have no age requirements to join, though it's important to understand and to be aware that we do not ask our members to cater to younger ears. As such, our Mumble discussions and general chat may get rowdy, and we don’t employ any social monitoring to filter sexual references or foul language. We do, however, set up 'family' channels in our VOIP so that members gaming with their children can do so in those channels without the worries of language or innuendo.

    If you are a "L337 Do0dZ0r", or concerned with "da phat lewtz", we can assure you that this is not the community for you. We are not here to force a play style on any member so remember to relax, have fun and enjoy the games for what they are ... games. However, each Chapter Lead has the option and freedom to run their game as casually or as hardcore as they want, noting that no casual player will ever be kicked from a Tenacious gaming chapter of any core (casual/midcore/hardcore/factions for both) simply because they don't want to or cannot participate in everything. But do be aware that Chapter Leads can and will run their chapters as they see fit, inclusive of all Tenacious members that would like to join.

    Our Rules:
    We will not tolerate douchebaggery

    • In our community, this includes, but is not limited to, harassment based on race, gender, sexual orientation, social standing, religion, nationality, ethnicity or gaming skill
    • In gaming, this includes, but is not limited to, kill stealing, griefing, spawn camping, ninja looting or diminishing our reputation with personal agenda and derogatory rhetoric in /LFG or /General
    We monitor our reputation at all times
    • We do not denigrate our reputation with personal agenda in /LFG or /GEN channels by posting call-outs or getting involved in negative rhetoric, player/guild/dev bashing or general asshatedness.
    • We do not get involved in forum wars, guild bashing or call out threads
    We will not tolerate cheating
    • This includes but is not limited to utilization of: hacks, cheats, bots, or anything that manipulates the core programming of the game.
    • If you can be banned from a game for doing it, you may also be banned from Tenacious.
    • We take this very seriously and greatly value our reputation as fair and true gamers.
    • All cases will be reviewed by the Mythic Gamer, and punishment can range from warnings to community banishment.
    Chapter creation is performed by officer ranks
    • If you are interested in a game please contact an officer or post in the general section of Upcoming and Future Releases.
    • If any ranking officers buy the pitch and the game has promise, a thread will be started in our Upcoming & Future Release forum and monitored for interest and participation.
    • If the game garners enough attention and the request is made to make an official chapter, then the request for a Chapter Lead will first be posted in Legendary Gamer forums. If no LG steps forward to lead the chapter, a subsequent post will be made in Epic Gamer forums with the same request. Once an officer becomes the Chapter Lead, the game becomes officially sanctioned and the use of all Tenacious resources will be allowed to promote and play the game.
    • The hierarchy of the official ranking structure will be followed in searching for a Chapter Lead. If multiple eligible officers want to lead a chapter, discussions will be held to determine if a co-lead scenario is best for the game, or we can alternately choose officer involved elections. All candidates in such an election will be high ranking officers in the game, regardless of who is elected Chapter Lead.
    • The Chapter Creation policies are set forth for multi-player MMO type games, and cooperative games, and not necessarily viable for the various single player game, FPS, RTS and general gaming that does not require the formation of a guild or clan.
    • The use of Tenacious resources for general gaming not included above will be determined on a case by case basis.
    All Tenacious sanctioned gaming chapters are required to have a Chapter Lead
    • A Chapter Lead can only be an Epic Gamer, Legendary Gamer, Mythic Gamer or Loremaster.
    • All official Tenacious chapters will enjoy full access to our community forums and our Mumble server.
    • Chapter Leads can establish and run their chapters as they see fit, be it casual, hardcore, or anywhere in between.
    • Chapter Leads will utilize the current community rank structure for in-game officer appointments. Exceptions to this policy are noted at the end of the official Ranking Structure, located HERE.
    • While Tenacious plays a variety of TPS, RTS and general games, larger games that require the formation of a Tenacious guild must be sanctioned. To be sanctioned and official, a game must have a Chapter Lead, as defined above. Tenacious guilds and Tenacious tags, as well as rival or alternate guilds and organizations, are not recognized in unsanctioned games, and will not have use of Tenacious resources, including, but not limited to, our website, our forums and our VOIP.
    • Tenacious resources are for Tenacious and by Tenacious, and the use for any other purpose must be approved by the Mythic Gamer.
    Our forums are moderated. Therefor, a forum post or thread may be removed from public view
    • If it becomes non-productive, argumentative, or harmful to the community in general.
    • If it involves a call-out, negative and unsolicited attacks, or verbiage that violates the Charter
    • In such circumstances, an officer may escalate the post or thread to 'Burned in a Furnace', a forum in the officer forums section, which will effectively remove it from public view.
    • There will be a 'Burned in a Furnace' type thread at each level of officer forum and an item will generally escalate one level.
    • If an officer performs such a removal for moderation, it is required that she/he contact the member in a private message or individually on mumble to explain.
    • He or she will also have to post an explanation as a part of the escalated thread so that other officers understand.
    Mumble installation is necessary to be an effective member of this community
    • In the past we have had people who install Mumble to listen and don't use a microphone
    • This is the minimum of acceptable VoIP that we expect from our members. No one is saying that you must be logged into Mumble at all times.
    • Mumble may be required for events or raids as outlined by the event or raid leader

    How Do I Become Tenacious?

    There are no real restrictions to joining Tenacious, we only expect that you be a good person. The quality of your character is far more important to us than the quality of your gaming skills. We do not enforce an age minimum or geographic requirements. There is no skill audition or gear requirement to join Tenacious because we are a community that is more interested in who you are as a person rather than what you can do online. We ask that you match your forum name to your most common in game name so that it's easier to make a connection. Additionally, we require that you upload and use an avatar on our forums as it helps us distinguish bots from true applicants. Finally, in order to take advantage of all of the Tenacious resources and in-game guild perks, applicants are required create an intro thread
    HERE and copy/paste the following 6 questions to let us know a little about yourself and your play style.
      1. Please tell us a little about yourself.
      2. How did you hear about Tenacious?
      3. What chapter(s) are you interested in joining Tenacious with?
      4. Did you read and understand our charter?
      5. Do you have any questions related to it?
      6. You are in-game and ready to rekt it in a 5-man dungeon. You are a DPS and the dungeon requires (2) DPS, a tank, support and a healer. There's only one healer online and they are from Texas. The only support classes are a Canadian and a Unicorn. There are (6) DPS players online ... 2 of them are a married couple, two are from England and two have names that you can't pronounce. You don't speak Texan, Canadian, or British ... what do you do?
    Please note that these questions are not an application, but more of an introduction. You are introducing yourself to an entire gaming community, not necessarily just a particular gaming chapter. Each chapter within Tenacious may have additional requirements as set forth by the Chapter Lead, such as requesting a simple Mumble conversation or asking you a few additional questions as they relate to their game. Any addition information that a Chapter Lead requires from a player member will be posted as a sticky thread in the forums of that particular game. As a forum driven community, we encourage you to check the forums often for current updates and information, especially in the games that you are actively playing.

    How We Play:
    Tenacious is a Gaming Community, and therefore promotes and encourages playing games together, emphasizing forum participation and VoIP. We support and promote out of game interaction just as much as we do in-game interaction. First and foremost, Tenacious is a family and like any family we are there for each other through all types of weather, from blue skies to rolling thunder. We will not dictate the play style or class choice of any Tenacious member. Quite the contrary, Tenacious lore is filled dungeon runs with 5 healers, with no healers, with no clothes and sometimes, with no idea where we're going or what we're doing.

    We promote the progress of your forum account with trophies for everyone to see. We recognize number of posts, likes, years of service, etc... We are a forum driven community and we communicate often we do it well. We have fun in our forums and we love to see active participation.

    These forums, our Mumble, calendar, and other resources are for use by Tenacious for Tenacious, therefore it is necessary to have permission from the community as a whole before you use them for personal reasons or to promote anything outside of the scope of Tenacious. Without permission from the officers, you are not permitted to solicit funds, good or services, and you are never permitted to solicit the sale of a gaming account.

    For a list of Tenacious officers, please see Officer's List post.

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