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  • I think a lot of people are skeptical about the whole "action combat" that Tera keeps trying to push. But I think they did an excellent job with it and hope that others will agree if they give it a fair chance ;)
    I have been. I know there are a few that can't start right now cuz of $$ issues and others, I think, are waiting to see how it goes. We've gotten a lot of new ppl recently and who knows who's staying until Tera comes out or waiting for 3.0 and the FTP content. But we do talk about it, and I give good reviews since I do like the game.
    You need to convince all those people playing Aion to at least try out Tera when it goes into open beta. We need more people! :p
    BEAUTIFUL CYNDIR>>>>>> Sorry I missed you online yesterday. Would have loved to Shoutbox it up with you. :) maybe next time hun. Have a good day!
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