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  1. josua

    Visiting the Big Apple!

    I am planning a trip to NYC for a week with my 15 year old daughter. I am looking for some "local insight" into what those of you who live there, or have traveled there, have found interesting and suitable for her and I. Arriving on 7/18 and leaving 7/25. I am also looking for hotel...
  2. josua

    Tenacious Intent

    @Zorph I invested in the game a while ago because I loved the vision of the game. However, there is so much room for some real asshats to ruin the gameplay of others, as there is in many pvp games, I know. I invested knowing that I would only play this game if I played with a sizable group of...
  3. josua

    July Newsletter- Look at Healers!

    https://www.pantheonmmo.com/content/forums/topic/8865/the-july-newsletter-is-here For all you wanna-be healers!
  4. josua


    Good morning @Jet. Wondering if you could let me know what I would need to come up with for you to craft me the following set, if you are able? I know the jewelry is not craftable yet. Thanks, and see you tonight.
  5. josua


    Ok, so no auction house. So how does one buy from other players? I was doing a little research and it appears that I have to be a member of a guild in order to see their wares in the guild store. Is this correct? I know I can be a member of 5 different guilds. So are there a handful of really...
  6. josua

    Alternate Ruleset Server- Nomad

    I played around with a nomad type game on my single player game and it has been pretty fun so far. Was wondering if there was anyone else interested, and if so, maybe setting up a server for this(I believe Max said that he was willing to spin up his server). I do not believe the server would be...
  7. josua

    Pre-Alpha starts today!

    http://www.pantheonmmo.com/newsletter/2017_december_intro/ Have fun to any of you who may have a package with pre-alpha. I will be joining during the next phase.
  8. josua

    3rd Livestream with COH

    from Friday. Very excited that they said that the Pre-Alpha purchased packs will be going away soon. Brad said that shortly before Pre-Alpha starts, the packs that include pre-alpha will discontinue so that they dont get a flood of people. Means that Pre-Alpha testing should be starting pretty...
  9. josua

    Founder pack giveaway

    I do not know this person from the forums, but they are giving away a $100 founders pack. Good luck if you enter! https://www.pantheonmmo.com/content/forums/topic/6053/keeper-s-pledge-giveaway
  10. josua

    April Newsletter - Crafting is in

    http://pantheonmmo.com/newsletter/2017_april_intro/ April newsletter is in. It seems they have a very basic crafting interface done. I think crafting will be pretty basic, ala EQ1, with some twists. New Livestream announced also, with Coh again, two weeks from today. C'mon pre-alpha!
  11. josua

    Race/Class combinations

    This is the first confirmed mechanics information that we have seen in a while! https://www.pantheonmmo.com/content/forums/topic/5228/pantheon-class-and-race-combinations Gnome Rogue and Archai Druid here! (edit: added pic)
  12. josua

    Calpheon crates - @Korra

    Hey @Korra - Thinking about the trade network we were speaking about last night. It seems that the difference between making money, and making the money you are making is in the worker, correct? You have the worker with the +3 skill, I believe you said. So, should I spend my energy every day...
  13. josua

    BDO secondary activities

    I didn't like how everyone could be master of everything, crafting wise. I made a ton of money cooking, but as with everything crafting in the game, it was short lived. There was a cap, and everyone at the cap could make all of the stuff. Crafting is time-gated, not skill gated. Has that...
  14. josua

    Shaman play stream

    They have invite Cohhcarnage to stream with them, and they are unveiling the Shaman. Hopefully with the addition of an outside streamer, they are getting close to testing phase. https://www.pantheonmmo.com/content/forums/topic/4574/see-the-pantheon-shaman-for-the-first-time
  15. josua

    Gimme the skinny....

    @Paradigm , @Nyx , @Serenaelia , @Zorph - sure I missed a few that have been doing all of the research on this game. I have not done any research on this game at all. I have watched the gunner video, and played CN version just a little. Work life is very hectic right now, so no time to even...
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