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  • Hey man, im in the gladewater area...if you would like to get together one of these eays just let me know..
    first time for the lil girl but the rest of us have been, we got the 4 day park hopper so Tue is MK, Wed its Hollywood Movie park, Thurs Animal Kingdom park, and somewhere in there epcot maybe lol, we are staying at a Super 8 that is a 2 room suite for $70 a night, can't do much better than that lol, my parents and brother live in St Cloud as does Larak's and his brother is getting married so lots of family gonna be there too, I'm gonna need a vacation after my vacation lol.
    Hiya hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to start an ely with you.... Let me know what server hun
    Hey there ! Glad i happened to pop onto the website tonight or i would have missed your message completely. I cancelled my Aion account. Started a new job and warm weather is finally here. But mainly it's the player base thing. Sadly, I think Aion is dying a very slow death. I had hoped to see some new content come out for Aion to maybe cause the population to rebound a bit. Hell, even server mergers ! But, I doubt it's gonna happen. I may re-visit Aion later. Ironically, I was considering buying Rift now that I have a couple of spare nickles. <sigh> Forty bucks is a lotta cash to me right now though, so I am gonna hafta seriously think bout it.
    Yea I understand what you said about rift kicks, dont think its really my cup of tea either. I mean there are some really cool parts of the game but I cant even manage to make myself play enough to hit lvl 20.... So dont know if I will stick with it or not.

    I have a lvl 42 assassin that I like to play if you want to try and do some stuff, or I still go to udas on Termintor a little, but mainly just pvp and dredge on him.

    I duno... If blud and niz were still playing and the player base wasnt so small I would try and build up tenacious a little bit over there.... But really hard at this point in time imo.
    Alrighty, but hun, I will totally check out the patch notes for Aion 2.5... and cant wait to see these safety videos.... im a geek for them.
    PS, I sent you attack and crit stones yesterday you know pre planing the enevitable armor upgrades for you.
    I have been saving them for you since you got the elder sword.
    ENJOY....... See you in Udas Tonight
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