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  • If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Make it last forever 'cus frieeeeeeendship never eeeeeeeeeeends!
    Did you know cats have 30 vertebrae? Fun cat facts brought to you by Zawr!
    It was absolutely FABULOUS.... Thank you so much for asking. I saw the sun, I drank my ass off, and I got an airbrushed shirt that says NIZROC... LOL and I saw Gaters soooo for a 36 hour trip I think it was AWESOME... I so need to go back and actually spend time there. :)
    I'm not sure why ppl are saying that its not "true action combat". I think its great. I would like more speed in combat, but who knows if they'll change that. Put some of those crystals w/ the speed buff in them and it helps. I'm having a great time w/ mine. I need to level up my zerker to see how their combat is beyond lvl 26.
    Nope wasn't assigned...I ran across it one day so I saved as an avatar...it made me laugh to.
    I won't be joining you... I'm worried that I'll get tired of rolling alts before the game is even released.
    Not sure how all this messaging thing works, don't spend much time on the forms, except as of late, which is weird for me, as anyone. I usually make a quarterly run through the forums and respond to everything. But take a look at my page, I responded to your post there instead of here for some reason. :cool:
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