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  • PFFT FINE. DONT PLAY AWESOME PC GAMES AT AMAZING PRICES. I don't use MSN much but you can add me if you want: rurouniamari@hotmail.com
    Yes, I did had fun ^^ Game of Thrones O M G, I loved that show, cant wait for the next season!! I loved the last episode with the small dragons firing up that dude lol pretty awesome show! Steam huh....nah Im gonna just wait for gw2 and till then play some Tera, watch Naruto and One peice :joy: oh oh oh.. Batman comes out here 21st August lol I will go see that ^_^ If you use msn you can add me there if you want =)
    Ah I hope you had fun. I was helping my sister move out today. Didn't play any games. Just watching Game of Thrones. Finally finished watching season 2. Pretty hardcore.

    I may play some free borderlands on Steam. You should really install Steam, it has amazing steam deals.
    I am doing great! i came back from my vacations 2 days ago, playing Tera while waiting for Gw2 now lol. How about you?? yeah it sucks we did not play more lol Did you play all weekend Batman? :p
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