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  • I think Bloodliners are starting to mess up. PKed on of us yesterday and tried to kill me today.
    From what ive played it's really fun. I'm trying not to play it much since i became really bored at the start of Tera because i had been through the first 3 areas a bunch of times in beta and it started to feel like been there done that. Are you still playing Tortanic?
    I've been around! Are you playing tera? I'm playing tera as a filler until GW2 comes out. Can't wait to get to play it again this weekend!
    Meh, ive since rerolled again to play with some friends from RIFT. Playing a Jedi Sage on Ajunta pall
    Made a sith assassin on fatman. If you're still playing on that server add Ivinora
    What server are you rolling on SWTOR? I've decided i'm going to pick it up to help pass the time since all i really do in Rift now is raid and GW2 isn't going to be out for a while yet by the looks of it. I know all this info is probably somewhere on the forums, but i'm way to lazy to look.
    PS i would love the phat udas runs hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! txt me or something when you are on
    ps........ um kicks and i might be walking on the white side of the abyss......
    lol, on seil.
    I have not been excited about rift really hun......... and I NEVER LEFT AION..... Im still playing it when i can.......... what it is, is my work is totally taking advantage of my salary and i have been working like 12-16 hour days 6 days a week............. that does not boat well for any sort of gaming life.
    On top of that for some odd reason my computer keeps restarting in the middle of trying to do stuff to it.
    I did a system restore and that seemed to have worked for a few weeks but now it is doing it again, and there is no virus or crap on there that i can find with my stuff....
    My roomie is suppose to be looking at that today for me as he has today off work.
    WISH ME LUCK that the crazy butcher/gamer/roomie can fix it.
    I MISS YOU TOO HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey dude. I think im done with rift. I can't seem to get anywhere and im just not havin any fun. I signed on to Aion the other night and ran 1 NTC with my ranger and had a blast. I had more fun than i've had in months with rift. Anywho. I'm just letting the AIon folks know that im gonna let my sub in Rift run out and not renew. I'm back to playing Aion when i can and hope to see you there. I'm gonna try a few of the things i haven't done in AIon to at least get the full experience.

    See ya later
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