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  1. The Doctor

    Nioh 2 Damage Tests

    In case anyone else out there plays Nioh 2, I'd like to drop this here. I posted this on reddit hoping it might help people out with their gear and playstyle. For anyone that doesn't play Nioh 2, heartily recommend it. --------------------- I have been searching for anywhere online where people...
  2. The Doctor

    June Game of the Month - Tiebreaker

    I'm sorry my vermintide friends...
  3. The Doctor

    MS Paint Competition

  4. The Doctor

    MS Paint Competition

  5. The Doctor

    MS Paint Competition

  6. The Doctor

    MS Paint Competition

  7. The Doctor

    2nd class change quest guides, 3 in 1.

    Do all 3 of your quests at once as efficiently as possible. https://eu.4gameforum.com/forums/1768/
  8. The Doctor

    Lineage 2 - Classic Pledge

    SERVER Talking Island PLEDGE We are going to bring back that old MMO feel with Lineage II - Classic. The slow steady progression that leads to the best end game PvP and castle sieges ever made in an MMORPG. We will work together to progress and take on as many different parts of the game as...
  9. The Doctor

    Saving pearls 101

    132 pearls 124 pearls. 2 saved. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  10. The Doctor

    Tenacious Elite Four Challenge

    Only one of these buff bars is someone that got their kill on me ;)
  11. The Doctor

    Taking leave from Tenacious due to RL changes

    You're pretty good Addy. I'll be waiting for your return.
  12. The Doctor

    Fresh Memes

  13. The Doctor

    Fresh Memes

  14. The Doctor

    Fresh Memes

  15. The Doctor

    Fresh Memes

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