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  1. Naiye

    Your own short story in BDO

    My story concerning BDO is simple...falling in love with my own character helplessly, lol!
  2. Naiye

    Your toon's appearance!

    Hey! Once again, I'm sorry if there's a topic like that already T_T Since I didn't really manage to see our guild's characters in game, I'm very curious what you guys decided to go with (or maybe you're still deciding?). I was playing around with character creation for a long time (my favorite...
  3. Naiye

    Magic user classes

    Hi guys! Sorry in advance if there is a similar thread, couldn't find anything while browsing. I usually pick either a healer or a mage in every mmorpg that I play. Before the RO launched, I was pretty into the Occultist (because hey, it's a DPS and healer all in one, not to mention those rad...
  4. Naiye


    Okonomiyaki recipe! They came out beautifully (for my skill level at least;) ), had to share. Flour (sadly, I don't remember how much - maybe 2 cups? Will check when re-doing. Also, my flour was a special kind for okonomiyaki, but it doesn't seem much different than standard) + 130ml water (half...
  5. Naiye

    Introduction - Naiye

    Hello everyone:) Few words privately about me: a Pole currently living in Seoul, graduated Japanese Studies and now finishing a grade in Business Administration. My hobbies are: games (obviously!), everything fantasy (games, books...clothes), design & art (I'm a doll painter), learning languages...
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