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  1. Woolsey

    Fond Farwell in Skyforge

    I have decided to move to the OTG pantheon, mainly because they have more players available during my prime time gaming hours. I also have a long history with that group. Moving is in no way a vote against Tenacious. You have a great group with great organization and leadership. Hope to...
  2. Woolsey

    Autorun problem

    In the last week, my toon seems to randomly start autorunning. The only thing that stops it is to log out and back in. Anyone else noticed this? Didn't see anything on regular forums.
  3. Woolsey

    Patch for launch is up

    Open your client and the patch will download.
  4. Woolsey

    Interesting discussion on recommended classes for pve/pvp

    https://na.portal.sf.my.com/comments/5592fa513798cb3b41e33935?page=1 If this is in wrong section, please move where best placed.
  5. Woolsey

    open beta announced, 7/ early access!

  6. Woolsey

    so much to learn, so little time...

    Getting my game on! No time for me to play other games, need to research and Youtube... Looking forward to OB!
  7. Woolsey

    Going inactive in Tenacious for AA

    Wish everyone fun and good gaming. I have decided to move on to another group, along with my other OTG refugees. Thanks for the warm welcome when I joined. Good luck to all and hope to group up in the future on Aranzeb.
  8. Woolsey

    auroria land info?

    Hey, So we can place farms/houses once a tower is active, whether it is ours or someone elses? Is there any advantage/disadvantage to land in auroria over the other continents? can you grow/farm certain things only there? I assume that whoever owns the tower will take the most strategic...
  9. Woolsey


    Hey Fam, We need to get more organized! Can you all let me know where you have property and if "family" permissions are on? I for one need a place to drop packs out of hellswamp, ideally in Halcyona, but other spots would be nice too. Also we could all get together, port to each others...
  10. Woolsey

    Large Farm Trading?

    the tooltips say you can "trade" your large farm once it has been placed. does anyone know how that works? i have an alt who placed the farm, and later demolished it. it was returned in mail. i want to mail it to my main, but mail system won't let me. can i use a trade window with a trusted...
  11. Woolsey


    Njorun stole my 16x16 from a guildie as she was trying to place her pumpkin head , he is Goon Squad. Any ideas how to harass him through mail or other wise? Kind of hard to have 100 pizzas delivered at his address...lol. Has been a jerk ever since. glad to stalk him on my own, but just...
  12. Woolsey

    Helpful Link - Combo spreadsheet

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XB8vzxLCrSW6VXOZMcYpx2B8Zd9dw8ya1nCbgff_hZQ/edit#gid=1219622548 (sorry if there is a spot better for this, please move it)
  13. Woolsey

    Best size for Land Rush grouping?

    What is too small and too big? And no my mind is not in the gutter...lol
  14. Woolsey

    Hello all, OTG refugee here!

    Looking forward to AA launch, and getting to know everyone.
  15. Woolsey

    New guy here!

    Hi all, Would like to group up with you all for Archeage launch. Have been playing for 5plus months so kind of know some of the ropes. Is there anyone I should check in with? Thanks
  16. Woolsey

    New guy on the block!

    Hi all, Looking to group up with folks for Archeage. Have been playing it for 5 months or so and liking it a lot. I plan to be off work for launch, and would like to meet others playing. Do I just pop in mumble and say 'hi' or do you have any application process I need to pursue? Thanks
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