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  1. Eshre

    Thursday weekly PvP fun

    So with a lot of the recent guild changes with Node Wars and Siege I really don't want us to lose sight of the fun times we can have. We all love PvP and we have made it clear so I am going to be doing a weekly PvP/practice fun night on Thursdays. Time will be right around normal NW times. Were...
  2. Eshre

    [EVENT] Tenacious Rate My Setup

    Tenacious Community Setup/Battle Station Fashion Show As a fun way to have our community join together and enjoy some social interaction with BDO chapter, we will all come together to show off our battle stations and gaming setups. This will be more about showing off where we spend our time...
  3. Eshre

    Leaving BDO (Not Tenacious) for the foreseeable future

    Hey guys it's unfortunate but due to some significant events that have been happening within my family and personal life I'm going to be pulling out of BDO. I love you guys and hopefully it'll calm down at some point but right now I just don't have any spare time or emotional investment to give...
  4. Eshre

    I'm back BOISSS

    So yeah I'm back. Holiday season and retail left little time to play in the capacity we needed so I dropped for 2 months. Now things or starting to slow down some so I'm back and in game. Ill be a little more casual until the end of December but once that's done ill be in full force. Can't wait...
  5. Eshre

    Temporary Hiatus

    Hey guys as some of you know I've been extremely busy with work. Due to the way things are heading at work it's going to completely limit my time with BDO. While I am in no way saying I'm heading out for good I'm not going to be able to attend node wars or play much for a bit. Ill let you all...
  6. Eshre

    Minor absence

    Hey guys just to give a quick update. i haven't been on a whole lot in the last week or really been able to be present as much as I'd like to be. Things have been unnecessarily hectic these last few weeks and it has heavily gimped my play time. Quite a few changes at work have my life flip...
  7. Eshre

    Battle Arena PvP for our not so veteran players

    So over the past few weeks and the last few node wars we have had some clutch plays, loads of fun, and an abundance of new members join us. Some things I've noticed though with recent node wars is quite a bit of participation and quite a bit of intimidation and frustration with some of our lower...
  8. Eshre

    Introduction : Shanre

    Had reached out to one of your members I saw running around town in Black desert and they told me to post in here for an officer to get in touch with me :D Have been playing since launch and im not ready to let P2W run me off yet . Up until yesterday I was a part of the guild Vox but...
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