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  1. The Doctor

    Nioh 2 Damage Tests

    In case anyone else out there plays Nioh 2, I'd like to drop this here. I posted this on reddit hoping it might help people out with their gear and playstyle. For anyone that doesn't play Nioh 2, heartily recommend it. --------------------- I have been searching for anywhere online where people...
  2. The Doctor

    2nd class change quest guides, 3 in 1.

    Do all 3 of your quests at once as efficiently as possible. https://eu.4gameforum.com/forums/1768/
  3. The Doctor

    Lineage 2 - Classic Pledge

    SERVER Talking Island PLEDGE We are going to bring back that old MMO feel with Lineage II - Classic. The slow steady progression that leads to the best end game PvP and castle sieges ever made in an MMORPG. We will work together to progress and take on as many different parts of the game as...
  4. The Doctor

    Saving pearls 101

    132 pearls 124 pearls. 2 saved. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  5. The Doctor

    Fresh Memes

  6. The Doctor

    The 'Shattered Gear' Tenacious BDO Event

    Doc's 'Shattered Gear' Event Prizes - First 10 players to complete the primary objective will receive 30 Artisan's Memory. First 2 players to complete a secondary objective will receive a premium outfit, or anything of equal or lesser value from the pearl shop that is giftable. Primary...
  7. The Doctor

    Wholesome BDO memes

  8. The Doctor

    Want to get boss drops? Be a hero.

    When I arrived at Karanda, I was a bunch of people just sitting around because nobody had the balls to engage karanda. I called them cowards and told them to get in there and then charged her and started to 1v1 the boss. Tanked her for about 20 minutes straight. And there is a hero's...
  9. The Doctor

    CBT 3

    -------------- While it is too early to discuss our next steps of the project, we would like to inform you that all of the localization is now confirmed and has reached its finalization steps. Meaning all quests and dialogues are now in English and that the next phase should occur fairly early...
  10. The Doctor


    Just started playing it casually again if anyone wanted to diggy diggy hole
  11. The Doctor

    May be less active.

    Hey there guys, this is DocCross. With the conclusion of the first week of node wars, and having reached level 56, I'm going to start focusing a little more on my schooling. This 7 weeks I have OB classes which means I will be working with pregnant women and newborns. Needless to say this will...
  12. The Doctor

    Important grain juice update!

    It may be hard to see, but they have added the "+45% heal if affected by a debuff that restricts actions" to grain juice. That means that the +275hp grain juices will now have the potential to heal up to ~400hp! There is no reason to not be pumping these out now that this has been added. It...
  13. The Doctor


    I just finished failing getting my liverto from +13 to +14 with 25 or more failstacks 17 times. Thats ~42 Mil lost for absolutely nothing and a 2.2% chance of failing at 20% chance 17 times in a row. I need a GOOD reason why I shouldn't either trash the lil shiet, or force enchant it, because...
  14. The Doctor

    Island adventure 4-29

    I'm The Doctor, and im going to to show you our awesome island adventure. Yes, you CAN find treasure in these chests but that is all i'll say. ^^^ That is the look of a treasure hunter^^^ Ready to plant a tenacious flag and stake claims. Relaxing with friends I'd show you the pictures of...
  15. The Doctor

    Tenacious plays HoTS?!

    Awesomeness. Look me up sometime. "PfcCross"
  16. The Doctor

    Going mostly inactive

    Hey guys, I know i've already told alot of people but as a forum driven community I figured I'd make the post. Archage just doesn't have enough in it for me anymore. I always got by with goals and finding something new to work on, but its so hard to find a way to go. I don't really have any...
  17. The Doctor

    Team ?

    The guild "team". I've heard in general that we are on good terms with them, but me and kitty just got PKed for packs and they started ranting that they would kill us and anyone else. I think we can assume that this is NOT a friendly guild then? I pressed f9 to screen shot the conversation...
  18. The Doctor

    Clan house on auroria

    Ok, so my thought is, even if we dont get a castle, if an ally does we can slap down some property no problem. I can get us a manor to slap down and set to guild where people will be welcome to come in, have a common auroria teleport, we can add crafting station for everyones use, and a general...
  19. The Doctor

    Need some encouragment

    I've been having some dark thoughts about this game lately. several things that basically just make me not want to play. There isnt so much to do, and it seems like there is never anyone to do stuff with. There could be a whole dungeon under the sea and we cant get a simple raid to give it a...
  20. The Doctor

    Be aware of "Hand of Chaos"

    We were doing a trade run to ynystere and they blockaded the port and PKed some of our pack carriers. They ARE green, and it wasn't a tenacious hate thing im sure, but be aware they aren't gunna be nice to you if you see them over seas.
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