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  1. Phedra

    hi friends :D

  2. Phedra

    Elyon: Ascent Infinite Realm

    Thanks for this!!! Super helpful and rounded post
  3. Phedra

    Zeg moved again

    Happy retirement!
  4. Phedra

    September's MOTM!!

    Vivi has shown great involvement in the Warframe chapter; from offering information and engaging in discussion with members who have questions, to actually helping others in the game. He is one of the most active individuals in Warframe discord and has risen to the occasion of chapter...
  5. Phedra

    August MOTM!!!

    We just couldn't decide between two outstanding individuals! We have two MEMBERS OF THE MONTH!!! Sheil: Exhibits the Tenacious heart; since acknowledging real life changes (not withoutletting us know he was still around) he returned to FF XIV with flying colors! He shows initiative learning...
  6. Phedra

    Clan Mtg: 8/21/2020

    Audio https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uXN3OFICD4h5zbo4C-sZjXFeAzCVJwE4/view?usp=sharing TOPICS COVERED!!! *Upcoming updates Guardian Phantom made a synopsis - * Voice Comms - We have many channels not being utilized; come on in and see who joins! * Lunaro event next week - Oh come on...
  7. Phedra

    Tenacious Fashion Frame Contest!!

    Ember Tried to make her look like fire; darker colors on the inside and the cape being the flame. ;
  8. Phedra

    Tenacious Fashion Frame Contest!!

  9. Phedra

    Tenacious Fashion Frame Contest!!

    Mirage Phedraa
  10. Phedra


    Miss this so much.
  11. Phedra

    LST: 6/9/19

    I had to redo... :(
  12. Phedra

    LST: 6/7/19

  13. Phedra

    LST: 6/5/19

    6/5/19 7:15p est New C.O.P to be Choosen Outstanding developments in the LSPD. A new chief of police will be determined as a result of the absence of Suhail Seriff. It remains unclear if Seriff is alive and well, taking a sabaticle from the LSPD. The two front runners are Lt. Pyle and newly...
  14. Phedra

    LST: 6/3/19

    6/3/19 7:03p est Missing Chief? Lt. Pyle was interviewed regarding the Chief of Police, Suhail Seriff who has been MIA. Chief Seriff has been missing since 5/28/19, last seen at the LSPD police department as he was clocking out for the evening. Lt. Pyle indicated there have been significant...
  15. Phedra

    LST 6/2/19

    6/2/19 Roughly a quiet night for reporting here at LST. Lucy Lane out for a joy ride during the evening. During my joy ride I was out exploring the scenes of Los Santos. I decided to stop for some juice at a quaint juice stand in the area of rural Los Santos. Upon finding that the juice...
  16. Phedra

    LST 5/31/19

    5/31/19 LSPD; for the people? Los Santos Times' own Lucy Lane met with Willian Smekton regarding an interaction with the Los Santos Police (LSPD). Willian was quoted; "A white sedan t-boned me. Cops arrived and they didn't care." The accident occurred on the corner of Los Legunas and Dorset...
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