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  1. Thermopyle

    Happy Birthday Syress!

    How can no one have started a HBD Bat Killer thread!
  2. Thermopyle


    I know that you guys haven't seen too much of me, and so, I wanted to show you the kind of thing I'm doing that keeps me away from playing with you. Hopefully I will be able to put this knowledge to use very soon to benefit our community. At least the semester ends in about a month and I'll...
  3. Thermopyle


    @Erica kindly informed me that I have not officially released my battle tag to the masses at Tenaciousgamers.
  4. Thermopyle

    Claim Blocks (size matters poll)

    @Mendien , will you check the claim blocks, it seems that they are not protecting when a player is offline. We'd like them to be set to a very high durability as well, I'm not sure what it's at now. We need to be able to place houses closer together in town and we are also not able to protect...
  5. Thermopyle

    Adjusting Server Settings - Drop on Death

    What do you want to drop on death?
  6. Thermopyle

    Adjusting Server Settiings - Feral Zombies

    Please vote for your pick, or comment if you feel inclined. Note that this is not the way it will stay, but since the server is new and we don't have many players, maybe we can tame it a bit and get some new friends to join. As the title indicates, this greatly involves the feral setting...
  7. Thermopyle

    Pantheon Meeting #2 Audio Report

    The raw audio file is 0.98 GB and even compressing to rar2 is still .64 GB. These are too large to directly upload here so I give it to you raw via a google drive link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4z6epwNMVaRdG9kdWZqR1VLTzg/view?usp=sharing
  8. Thermopyle

    hey (family member of member ACCEPTED)

    The Unicorn is a Lie! Welcome :)
  9. Thermopyle

    Stress Test

    I go to login tonight and I get a huge patch. While it's downloading, there is a notice: Stress Test will be up until server wipe (May 24). Play with all your friends!
  10. Thermopyle

    Alpha 12

  11. Thermopyle

    Beta Invite

    Here is the link: http://www.aeriagames.com/playnow/eosus/hero-soul-video-v2?utm_source=guild&utm_campaign=esus&utm_medium=banner&age_pubid=TG Cryss Roxas Leonhart May 6th, 3:50am Greetings! We're currently recruiting guilds for the upcoming launch of Echo of Soul and were wondering whether...
  12. Thermopyle

    Happy Birthday Eldelari!

    I haven't heard @Eldelari naughty voice in a while, so I thought maybe a HB thread will let you know that we miss you.
  13. Thermopyle

    Pictures of your self!!!!

  14. Thermopyle

    April 2015

    I just started to open the game this morning, and see a 3gb patch. Has anyone been playing? What's the news??
  15. Thermopyle

    Developer Diary

    I miss this game and eagerly await A11, so I started digging, and found this developer diary: http://joelhuenink.tumblr.com/
  16. Thermopyle

    Pictures of your self!!!!

    Links are unstable, we've lost you @Peppermint and @LoanWolf. Who am I to talk though? Here, I'll give you a pretty recent picture of me:
  17. Thermopyle

    Server Problems

    This is the only server problem that I've seen tonight:
  18. Thermopyle

    Poll: PvP 100m radius around crates

    This poll closes in 3 days.
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