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Welcome to the home of Tenacious Gamers, the premier destination for multi-core gamers from around the world. Hardcore at Heart, Casual by Nature. Be sure to register here and join our Discord Community so that you can start gaming the way gaming was meant to be. Fun!


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Welcome to our Home. A word we hope one day you'll use to describe what you discover here. Tenacious is a long tenured, multi-platform gaming community of friends and like-minded gamers from around the world. We aspire to be extraordinary, to love our members as people as well as gamers, and to change the world around us. The gaming world knows our name, respects our reputation and our members wear our tag with pride and humility. We are large enough to have a server dominant and guild capped presence in multiple games, yet never so large that we forget our roots, never so large that we don't slow down and get to know our members as friends. Like you, we came for the gaming ... but we stayed for the remarkable family we found.

From the seeds of an idea in 2009 to becoming the premier destination for the multi-core gamer, Tenacious has solidified its reputation as a sanctuary for gamers of all abilities who were looking for something more than 'just a guild'. From the casual to the casually accomplished to the hardest of hardcore, Tenacious offers a gaming experience like no other. No matter your play style or your 'core', you are sure to find a peer group in these halls. Where other guilds and organizations are erected for one game, and die with that game, Tenacious has stood the test of time, bound together by the quality of our members, the friendships we forged and the epic times that we share.

We are blessed with an international roster of amazing people, most of whom spend their time together in and out of gaming. We pride ourselves on our commitments to each other, our community service and the rage & drama free gaming environment that we've created. Come as you are, be who you are.

"Hardcore at Heart, Casual by Nature" defined us for nearly a decade. Yet, as we've grown, we've broadened our minds to accept that not all games in the modern MMO and gaming landscape lend themselves to totally casual gaming. Our community survives because it evolves, it adapts to the ever changing games around us. Our officers and members work extremely hard and devote long, personal hours to creating a home for the most casual of the casual to the hardest of the hardcore and for all cores in between. Your gaming experience matters ... and we built this place for you.

Tenacious is primarily made up of mature adults, although maturity doesn't always go hand-in-hand with age. Therefore, we have no age requirements to join, though it's important to understand and to be aware that we do not ask our members to cater to younger ears. As such, it is important to understand that while monitored by officers, our Mumble VOIP discussions and member language are not censored. However, conversations and language may be addressed by officers should they become offensive in nature or create an atmosphere in which other members feel uncomfortable. Simply have fun and remember to respect those around you.

If you are a "L337 Do0dZ0r", or concerned with "da phat lewtz", we can assure you that this is not the community for you. We are not here to force a play style on any member so remember to relax, have fun and enjoy the games for what they are ... games. Each Chapter Lead has the option and freedom to run their game as casually or as hardcore as they want. It is generally our policy that no casual player will ever be kicked from a Tenacious gaming chapter of any core (casual/mid-core/hardcore/factions for both) simply because they don't want to or cannot participate in everything.

However, the evolution of MMO gaming has given rise to game designs that limit the initial or overall size of a guild. In games where such limits exist, especially where guild size is increased by guild activity and the completion of guild quests and objectives, it is the responsibility of the Chapter Lead to make decisions regarding guild invites, as it pertains to the overall welfare and progress of the guild as a whole. The decisions we make in the face of restrictive game dynamics are made to benefit the many over the few. In games with these dynamics, Chapter Leads are permitted, at their discretion, to create as many sister guilds as necessary to keep all Tenacious members guilded and together until such a time as expansion allows all members under the same roof.

We don't have many rules, but the few we have are strictly enforced. Our standards are high, and they ensure that Tenacious will always be the amazing community that it is today.

We will not tolerate douchebaggery of any kind.

  • This includes, but is not limited to, harassment based on race, gender, sexual orientation, social standing, religion, nationality, ethnicity or gaming skill.
  • Ingame, this includes, but is not limited to, kill-stealing, griefing, spawn camping, ninja looting or diminishing our reputation with personal agenda or derogatory rhetoric in /LFG or /General chat.
  • If you have an issue that you need help resolving, anyone with an officer rank (Epic/Legendary/Mythic) is here to help.
We monitor our reputation at all times
  • Our members do not denigrate our reputation with personal agenda in game chats, website forums or social media by posting call-outs or getting involved in negative rhetoric, player/guild/dev bashing or general asshattedness (yes, that's a word).
  • We do not get involved in forum wars, guild bashing or call out threads.
  • We do not trash-talk, troll or harass other players or guilds. 'Good Fight' is the chat response of every Tenacious member to other players, no matter our opponents sunny disposition or desire to rile us up. We are above that bullshit.
We will not tolerate cheating
  • This includes but is not limited to utilization of: hacks, cheats, bots, or anything that manipulates the core programming of the game.
  • If you can be banned from a game for doing it, you may also be banned from Tenacious.
  • We take this very seriously and greatly value our reputation as fair and true gamers.
  • We do not allow posts on our forums, Discord channels or member involved social media that involve exploits or cheats.
Tenacious is managed by a dedicated team of Community Officers
  • Community Officers are the leaders and managers of the community: moderating our communication platforms and social media, creating and discussing policy and policy changes, managing community activities, and the overall development and day-to-day operations of Tenacious.
  • There are multiple ranks of Community Officers:
    • Rank 3 Officers are identified as Epic Gamers.
    • Rank 2 Officers are identified as Legendary Gamers.
    • Rank 1 & Admin Level Officers are identified as Mythic Gamers.
  • Community Officers are, at all times, required to uphold and enforce the codes of ethics and conduct put forth in this doctrine.
  • Community Officer ranks do not translate into the same ranks in a gaming chapter. Officer ranks within a gaming chapter will be determined by the Chapter Lead, in accordance to the guild dynamics and limitations set by the developers of the game, and with providing the best possible gaming experience for the entire chapter in mind.

Official Game Chapters are started by Community Officers & Must have a Chapter Lead

  • Any member interested in a new release, future release, or existing but unrecognized game is invited to post their interest in the general section of the forum "Upcoming and Future Releases."
  • If enough interest is generated for a game, a gaming chapter or a sponsored small-scale Tenacious guild/clan, a request for official status can be requested.
  • Official Tenacious gaming chapters must have a Chapter Lead, and that Chapter Lead must also hold a community officer rank (Epic/Legendary/Mythic). The hierarchy of the Tenacious official ranking structure will be followed in this process.
  • The request for official status will first be posted in Legendary Gamer forums in search of a Chapter Lead. If no Legendary Gamer steps forward to lead the chapter, a duplicate post will be made in the Epic Gamer forums. Epic Gamers may serve as the Chapter Lead in any officially sanctioned Tenacious gaming chapter. They must, however, be sponsored by a Legendary Gamer, whether or not that sponsor is playing the game. Situations involving multiple chapter lead candidates or requests for chapter co-leads will addressed in officer forums at the discretion and final decision of the Mythic Gamer(s).
  • All sanctioned games and official gaming chapters fall under the direct supervision of the Mythic Gamer(s).
  • The Chapter Creation policies are set forth for larger, multi-player MMO type games, and cooperative games, and not necessarily viable for the various single player game, FPS, RTS and general gaming that does not require the formation of a guild or clan.
  • The use of Tenacious resources for general gaming not included above will be determined on a case by case basis.
Large-Scale MMO Chapters are required to have a Pledge
  • A Chapter's Pledge is written and posted by the Chapter Lead as the vision and direction of the guild, and serves as a promise from the Chapter's officers to the current and prospective chapter members.
    • Are we playing on a PvP or a PvE server?
    • Are we casual, mid-core or does the game lend itself to a more hardcore style?
    • Will there be room for players of all cores?
    • Are there in-game guild limitations or activity requirements set forth by the developer? How are we going to tackle them?
    • Will we raid? Will there be a raid schedule?
    • Will there be activity requirements?
    • Etc.
  • Pledges will be presented to the Mythic Gamer(s) for approval prior to posting on member forums.
  • Our members can always count on the fun and positive environment of a Tenacious guild, and although we are an extraordinarily diverse community we strive to provide the best possible gaming experience for every member. Pledges are intended to set proper expectations for our members, as our official chapters may be hardcore, casual, PvE centric, PvP centric and/or anything in between. We want to be transparent with all player members as to how the chapter will be run.
Sponsored Small-Scale Guilds, Games and Cooperatives
  • If requested, smaller scale games, cooperative games and re-boots of older titles can be recognized by Tenacious as official activities even if they are not assigned a Chapter Lead or involve a community officer.
  • These small-scale activities and guild are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be allowed to be operated by Tenacious Gamers who hold no community officer rank.
  • In these smaller endeavors, the requesting Tenacious Gamer must be 'sponsored' by a community ranked officer, who will simply serve as a mentor and advisor, while also monitoring the adherence to our Charter.
  • Requests for such small-scale Tenacious tags and guilds are made by members posting their interest in our General Gaming forums, where they will be reviewed by officers.

Our forums are moderated. Therefore, a forum post or thread may be removed from public view

  • If it becomes non-productive, argumentative, or harmful to the community in general.
  • If it involves a call-out, negative and unsolicited attacks, or verbiage that violates the Charter
  • In such circumstances, an officer may escalate the post or thread to 'Burned in a Furnace', a forum in the officer forums section, which will effectively remove it from public view.
  • There will be a 'Burned in a Furnace' type thread at each level of officer forum and an item will generally escalate one level.
  • If an officer performs such a removal for moderation, it is required that she/he contact the member in a private message or individually on mumble to explain.
  • The officer burning the thread or removing content for the purpose of moderation is required to then post in officer forums for discussion on the removed content.
  • Our community Discord channel and our Mumble VOIP server is also moderated by community officers. We ask all of our members to help us create a safe and comfortable environment for all gamers. If a moderator redirects an inappropriate conversation or asks that language be toned down, you are expected to comply.
Mumble installation is necessary to be an effective member of this community
  • In the past we have had people who install Mumble to listen and don't use a microphone.
  • This is the minimum of acceptable participation in VoIP that we expect from our members. No one is saying that you must be logged into Mumble at all times. Being logged in does, however, increase our ability to communicate with you and to get to know you. We have quiet channels as well, where sound is suppressed and members can game in quiet.
  • Mumble may be required for meetings, events, or raids as outlined by the event or raid leader.

Tenacious is a Gaming Community and a family. As such, we promote and encourage games to be played together, emphasizing forum, Discord and VOIP participation. We support and promote out of game interaction just as much as we do in-game interaction.

We will not dictate the play style or class choice of any Tenacious member, but we ask all members to understand that not all games are played the same, not all chapters are run the same. We adapt to the game, work within it's imposed limitations, and remain dedicated to creating the best possible gaming experience for as many members as possible.

We promote the progress of your forum account with trophies, recognition awards and forum flare. We recognize number of posts, likes, years of service, etc. While we offer and utilize several communication and social platforms, we remain a forum driven community. With over 130,000 posts in nearly 12,000 threads, the entire history of Tenacious is archived on our website. We have fun in our forums and we love to see active participation.

All of our resources; our original and copyrighted logo, our domain name, our website, our Mumble server and our Discord channel for use by Tenacious for Tenacious. Therefore it is necessary to have permission from the community as a whole before you use them for personal reasons or to promote anything outside of the scope of Tenacious. Without permission from the officers, you are not permitted to solicit funds, good or services, and you are never permitted to solicit the sale of a gaming account.

There are no real restrictions to joining Tenacious, we only expect that you be a good person. The quality of your character is far more important to us than the quality of your gaming skills. We do not enforce an age minimum or geographic restrictions. There is no skill audition or gear requirement to join Tenacious because we are a community that is more interested in who you are as a person rather than what you can do online.

We ask that you match your forum name to your most common in game name so that it's easier to make a connection. Additionally, we require that you upload and use an avatar on our forums as it helps us distinguish bots from true applicants.

Finally, in order to take advantage of all of the Tenacious resources and in-game guild perks, applicants are required create an intro thread <HERE> and copy/paste the following 5 questions to let us know a little about yourself and your play style.

  1. Please tell us a little about yourself.
  2. How did you hear about Tenacious?
  3. What games(s) are you interested in joining Tenacious in?
  4. Did you read and understand our charter?
  5. If the world did away with all games, except one ... which one would you want it to be and why?
Please note that these questions are not an application, but more of an introduction. You are introducing yourself to an entire gaming community, not necessarily just a particular gaming chapter. It is important to note that joining the Tenacious Community will not automatically grant you a spot in a Tenacious in-game guild. We work with the mechanics and guild limitations of each particular game to make sure we can get as many members invites as the game allows.

Mumble installation is a requirement for joining Tenacious. We need you to have Mumble installed so that you can attend meetings, be active and involved with the guild, and to truly be part of a our family. You will never be required to use a microphone and we will never require Mumble attendance outside the scope of in-game events, raids, parties and communication driven guild activities.

SERVER: tenacious.mumble.com
PORT: 63593
No Password

Our community Discord server is linked with our website. We recommend linking your forum and discord accounts using the following method:

    • Have a registered forum account and your introduction thread posted.
    • Accept our invitation: <HERE>
    • Make sure you are logged in.
    • Head to the Connected Accounts page <HERE>
    • Follow the instructions to associate your Discord account.
    • If you previously linked your accounts before joining the Tenacious Community Discord, you will need to disassociate your Discord account and then start over.
If you are still having trouble or are unsure about any of these steps, please ask an officer for help


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