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Dietbet 2020!!


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Sep 24, 2014
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Long Island, New York
DIETBET 2020!!

Our community has always proudly claimed that we care more about who our members are as people than their capabilities online ingame.
People who choose Tenacious are usually looking for something more...
Something more than a guild, more than a raid, more than a dungeon group;
And when they get in here they discover their second family!

As members of a family, we support each other and some of us choose to get more involved in each other's IRL struggles.
A common topic is health. We've learned that what it means to be healthy is different for everyone;
but we all look to support each other in whatever our individual goals are.

While we are all different, we do all have one thing in common: We game!!!

Gaming, in it's nature, often has us sitting at a desk for many hours straight,
sometimes not sleeping enough, sometimes eating too much candy,
sometimes drinking energy drinks more than water,
sometimes choosing a quick microwaved meal or a bag of chips over a more nutritious option;
Because of this lifestyle some of us struggle maintaining a healthy weight.

I'm one of them! ... Maybe you are too?
Let's work together on a solution.

Are a Different Kind of Game!

To my fellow gamers, sedentary chair-sitters, beer drinkers, basement dwellers, lovers of carbs and eaters of snacks ...
For you I am offering a new kind of game!
A game where the only obstacle you need to overcome is yourself.

This DietBet will give you the chance to BET on YOURSELF!

What is your goal?
You must set your own goal and it must be approved by Averie.
Standard DietBets have a set goal of 4% weightloss in 6 weeks (ours is :cool:.
Your goal can be to lose weight or to gain weight.

If you make your goal you are a WINNER and will get your money back (and potentially more).
If you don't make your goal then your money remains in the pot and pays out equally to the other winners.

Nothing would make me happier than to return everyone's $10 at the end of this challenge, or to roll it over into a new game right after!
If you have a suggestion for how these sorts of things can be run better reach out to me and lets talk about it.
I want people to have fun and also be encouraged to do better for themselves, and live a happier healthier life :heart:


This contest will run from February 19th - April 15th.
This is a 8 week period.

Your goal can be customized by you. For the purposes of this competition it must be weight oriented.
If you need help deciding on your goal please PM me and we can talk about it.

You can choose to lose weight, or to gain weight. Whatever makes sense for you and your health goals.
My goal will be to lose 4% body weight in 6 weeks! To figure this out I will take my weight and multiply it by .04
Example: 200lbs x .04 = 8lbs ... I will need to lose 8lbs by Aptil 15th to be a winner!

I will need a picture of your scale for your starting weight (example coming soon - check post below)
Please make sure I can see your feets! This is how I will identify its you ;)
If you choose to wear socks try to wear the same socks for both weigh ins.

You may post your weigh in picture in this thread or you may PM it to me on the forums or on discord.
You will never be required to post your weight publicly if you do not wish to.
I will respect your privacy.

Please send your $10 bet to paypal.me/tgAverie
Upon receiving your bet I will PM you to confirm I received it - if you don't hear from me please double check!

You will only be required to weigh in twice, once at the very beginning and once at the very end.
A lot of us are used to weekly weigh ins and will likely post our weight every week for accountability and to encourage each other along.
If you want more information feel free to ask here or come talk to us in the #healthy-living chat in the discord server! :heart:
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May 18, 2014
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I'll be joining. Gained a decent amount over the holidays and looking to get it off and actually get some long term habits going this time around.


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Oct 5, 2018
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I'm in! My goal is to hit 150 by April 15 (8.8 lbs weight loss). I want to eventually reach 145, but I don't think I can lose that much by April 15. Here is my pic in my cute socks ;)


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