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Fire and Water a BDO story


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Jul 21, 2018
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In light of the origin story contest for bdo, I came up with a vast story and world for my character, more than just a few posts could handle so i'm making this thread to post the chapters as I finish them. The story up to this point will be in italics oooooo so special.

If you go, you will only find pain and sadness young one… That’s what my teacher Master Mahu told me before I was stupid enough to leave our home in Rendrehana, taking with me a few bags of silver and enough food to last me long enough to make it across the great sea. Where he told me my brother left for over three months ago. I had to practically beg him to let me go after him, why would he keep where he went from me… we’ve been together since birth and, since that fateful day when our parents died in a fire. Where Mahu… found us and took us west. Tutored us raised us trained us. He never said for what just that we would know when the time came.

Mid thought I was thrown out of my bunk and on to the deck of our boat, I must have hit my head because I was having trouble seeing and my ears were ringing loudly, then a voice pierced through the ringing. “Are you alright?” I looked up at the friendly face of the First Mate,
I managed a nod up at him then his voice echoed through me again. “We must have run aground miss; the captain needs all hands above deck now.”
“But I’m not crew, why would he need me?”
Just then I felt why, a wet feeling on my hands and knees, I looked down and sure enough the deck was slowly being covered in water. I looked further down the hall and the water seemed to be getting closer and higher. I glanced back at the first mate and nodded quickly and forced myself up.

The first mate hurried me up the stairs carefully as he could and I could hear the panicked murmurs of the rest of the crew, then a booming voice from the Captain. “Everyone shut it! Now we need everyone to gather supplies and put them into the lifeboat quickly, we hit something too hard for the ship to handle and it breached our starboard bow. We’re taking on too much water to stay afloat for very long so… we’re abandoning ship…” This can’t be happening… we’re still five days away from Arehaza by frigate… We’ll never make it in the lifeboat. But I need to find out what happened to my brother. Is this what Mahu meant..? I shook myself out of the despairing thoughts and regained focus. I need to get my stuff quickly, before it’s all drenched in water.

I moved as quickly as I could and took everything in my room, and moved it into the life boat. This will not be the end I swear, I thought to myself silently as I dropped the last of my things into the boat. I stepped in and started helping people with their belongings. In quick time we were casting off from our vessel… my one chance of seeing him again. What was going to happen now? I breathed slowly and tried to remain calm and I reached up to my pendant that my mother gave me right before… it was gone! I began to panic, I must have lost it when I got knocked out of my bunk, and it was my one last connection to her! A voice cut through me sharply, “Captain! Look!” The first mate was pointing on the horizon… or what should have been but it was covered in dark clouds. I felt tears start to well up in my eyes, this is it I thought. It’s as far as I go. I’m going to die out here alone, without answers. Glancing over the crews faces and seeing the captains solemn look I knew it to be true… “I’m sorry miss… I’m sorry we couldn’t get you there…” The first mate slowly said to me looking down in despair.

The captain tried as well as he could but a small lifeboat was no match for a storm of this power, I tried to hold on but the boat eventually capsized, I could hear a few muffled screams of the crew as we all hit the icy cold water. I was able to stay afloat for a time, but I felt my arms weakening. “Not like this…” I said to myself before I slipped beneath the waves struggling for breath… My body convulsed as I couldn’t find any air left. A minute passed then two… Then three… How was I alive?

“Hello little one… I’ve been waiting for you…”
The voice echoed around me it was hard but benevolent… Calming but dangerous. I slowly cracked my eyes open, after the stinging of the water I could see a glaring white eye and glittering scales all around me.
“Do not be alarmed, for you are in my domain and only I may decide who passes today…”
The eye blinked then starting moving around me then I saw it… it was a dragon, as blue as the sky and as beautiful as the sea itself. Its head circled around me then stopped in front of my face.
“I believe this belongs to you little one…” I saw a glimmering green light above his head it got closer and closer until I recognized it. It was my pendant! It landed perfectly below my chin. I tried to ask how but my voice had no substance all I could hear was a muffled groan.
“That is for another time, for now you must rest as we have much to do little one…”
My eyes started to grow heavy, and the last thing I saw before drifting off was the glint of the dragon’s solid white eye…

>End Prologue<

Now let us continue our journey

Chapter one.

The sound of rushing water awoke me, and thoughts of what had just transpired filled my mind. Was it real? Or was I dead..? Before I could think more a loud roar startled me into sitting up. My gaze darted around looking for the source of such a noise but couldn’t find it. I then felt a slight prodding sensation on the back of my head, I flipped around and was looking up at an otter… standing on two legs? “You’re no fish! Eek!” The voice came from the otter I tried to form words but my throat still burned from almost drowning. The otter tried to poke me with its fishing pole again and I batted it aside, startling it. “Eek! Don’t hurt me big creature! I only look for food!” It grumbled at me and then turned away and waddled off, I then heard another voice from behind me.
“Ah you’re awake finally! I was afraid I’d have to report another floater to management.” I turned around and was faced with a small human like figure… It had the appearance of a child but had a long grey beard.
A hard cough forced itself out of me, as I tried to answer; I then felt somewhat relieved and tried to speak once again. “Where… where am I? Who are you?”
The creature smirked at me and started speaking confidently. “You dear, are on the slopes of the tallest mountain in all of Valencia, Mount Gavinya. Also is the biggest sulfur mine in the entire continent… not at all because it’s a volcano… no no no.” That does explain the smell I thought to myself. The creature continued, “And I am the esteemed Burio, of the old moon organization… at least I was until they kicked me out for that business in the mine…”
“Totally blown out of proportion! I didn’t mean to set off that contraption, and the chain reaction was totally not my fault… I mean seriously who puts their food and water supplies next to lava.” He glanced back at me and grimaced. “Now here I am making sure the western shore doesn’t have any incidents, as punishment for my… curiosity.” I stood up slowly, and the small man signaled for me to follow him down the shore. “Now, who are you and why did you wash up on my beach?”
“Kara… my name is Kara, and I didn’t mean to wash up here, I was on a frigate heading to Arehaza, do you know where Arehaza is?”
He looked confused, like I was speaking a different language. “Heading to Arehaza you say? From where?”
“Rendrehana.” I said almost proud, and then I saw the look on his face, almost like he was seeing a ghost.
He stammered quietly, “I thought that place was just a myth…” How could my home be a myth I thought. The man started to look panicked, and started glancing around, avoiding eye contact in a fearful voice he said, “You need to leave, before I’m seen talking with someone from that place.”
“That place? What do you think Rendrehana is?”
“Only demons and curses come from that place, leave now!” The man hurried away leaving me on the beach with more questions than answers. I scanned my surroundings for a way to continue on. I was surprised to see the little otter creature waddling towards me. His quiet voice squeaked, “Forgive friend, very suspicious of outsiders. Arehaza is south from here, take horse Burio hides on other side of hill.” I managed a weak smile in the face of the little otter, “Thank you~”
“Fario eek!”
“Thank you Fario.” The otter did a little hop then waddled away happily; I looked around for the hill he was talking about. It took awhile but I found it, and sure enough there was a horse tied up on the other side. I managed to untie it; I hoisted myself on and was able to control the horse easily enough. I bucked the horse and went off south down the beach towards what I hope is Arehaza.

Hours went by I looked up and could only see endless dunes of blistering hot sand. Was I lost I thought… I haven’t changed directions since I left the beach. I started to feel parched and I tried to quench my thirst by wet my lips to no avail. A few more hours went by; I was barely holding on to the horses reins. I could see the horse was starting to struggle against the heat too slowing to a crawl. “Come on buddy, one hoof in front of the next, we’ll make it.” My voice came out garbled and dry, I need water. Forcing myself up, I looked around the horizon and again saw nothing but endless hills of sand. As I was about to give up looking, I spotted a small outcrop on top of one of the hills. It was leagues away from the looks of it, I pulled on the reigns and turned towards it, and started towards the uncertainty, I need to get out of this sun. As I got closer to the outcrop I was able to tell what it was, a fortress, atop a rocky hill. Safety I thought, there would be food and water there.

As I drew closer to the fortress, I could feel a certain… heaviness wash over me, almost like heavy smoke, it gave me a bad feeling and I wondered what the place was. As I felt the cloud grow heavier I could feel a force from inside me push back alleviating most of the pressure, although it was still swelling around my head, this pressure building up inside me. What is this place I thought to myself, but then heard an answer… “I do not know little one, there is energy about that fortress, one that lays deep underground, a dark force. I’ve been keeping it out of you but it is strong.”
My mind wandered as I figured out whose voice that was, it was the blue dragon that I dreamt of… only it wasn’t a dream. “How… How are you here how do I hear you??”
“You and I are one in the same, we are bound by the ocean Kara, and I shall keep you safe from all harm. We are the ocean.” Its benevolent voice washed over me and I felt revitalized, my thirst vanished and the dirt and sand seemed to fall off my face and body. I felt a surge of energy flow through me and I sigh of relief escaped my mouth but I heard a faint growl in its place.
“My energy is your energy… I will teach you how to control it, to focus it.”
I had some worried thoughts hearing that, but I couldn’t lie, I felt powerful and fierce and it felt good.

My horse started to waver, on the brink of collapse I dropped off it to give it rest and pulled it along by the reigns instead. I approached the outside walls of the fortress looked around looking for a way in. I saw some shade and decided to park the horse there while I go explore, I needed free hands for this. The architecture of this castle is old, very old I thought as I wandered around the castle walls, I wonder who built it. Things got increasingly rocky as I moved further around the castle, until I came across what looked like an opening. I crawled up the rocks to get a closer look; I felt a cold breeze rush over me from the opening. I peered in curiously and all I could see was darkness, this path goes far underground I thought to myself. I was already this far, I need to keep going. Sliding down into the opening the darkness seemed to envelope me, and then I heard the benevolent voice again.
“This place is to dark for your eyes little one, I shall lend you my sight while we are in dark places.”
As soon as he said that my vision started to change, and then I could see the outline of everything around me, in a slight whitish blue color. It was still dark but I could see everything including a doorway in the wall to the left. Slowly moving over to the door way to peer down it I felt the dark force from before again this time stronger. Something is down there, something of dark energy. I grew worried but determined. Quickly I went down the stairs followed by another doorway and stairs. Then looking around with my watery vision it looked like a mineshaft. Cautiously I moved forward stepping over rocks and old timber. I came to a steep hill that seemed to go to a large opening. Regretting nothing I slid down in the sand then I flew off the edge of a cliff face first into a hill of sand. Winded I sat up getting my bearings. Then I saw it… An enormous opening, and underground cavern and in the middle of it a domed structure of some kind. As ominous as it appeared I was drawn to it and I started to move forward.
“Be careful Kara, this energy is dangerous. I grow worried you will be consumed by it.”
“Relax, I just want answers. I’m just going to look.”

As I drew closer I could feel an ice cold gust of air fly out of the small shrine, I looked down into it and it was a shaft that leads straight down into another room. Without thinking I put one foot in front of the other and fell into the shaft seemly against my will. I fell for at least 30 feet before smashing into another hard cushion of sand. Recovering slowly, feeling a sharp pain in my chest, how did I survive that?
“You survived because I willed it so; you need to be cautious little one. I can’t save you every time.”
The blue dragons’ words sounded less comforting and almost frustrated. I don’t know what came over me just dropping down here like that. Slowly I returned to my feet and once again glanced around for the next step. I saw a passageway that lead further down into the ground. There seemed to be a faint glow emanating from down below. I slowly stumbled towards it still feeling the sharp pain in my chest. After making my way down the passageway I came to a strange structure, it seemed to be a shrine of some kind. More questions raced through my head then I saw the next passageway to the left, this one was straight, didn’t go up or down a relief for my tired legs. The glow that I saw earlier was getting brighter as I made my way through this passage, it opened up into a large open area, it looked like a throne room of sorts. The glow had no source it was unnatural… Looking directly ahead I saw an interesting rock formation almost alien like… Perfect circles of a pristine pale white stone that the more I looked at the deeper it seemed to go, more and more circles of stone.

“Kara… stay calm, I recognize that rock, it’s that of the Black Spirit. A dangerous and ancient being much like myself.”
“Ok…” I responded worryingly as my hands went into their instinctual defensive pose. “What does it do?”
“The Black Spirit is a being that feeds off of others will power and energy; it fills their heads with maniacal thoughts of power and success. It corrupts all that it touches. The more you fight it, the stronger it becomes. The more you ignore it, the more it seeps into your soul and manipulates your every thought and emotion.”
I slowly paced around glancing at everything I could see, keeping my guard up. “Why was I drawn here by it?”
“The Black Spirit needs hosts to survive, without hosts it’s just a thought, an illusion, a shadow. With a host, it’s the embodiment of all the evil in the world. Anger… Lust… Greed… Fear… Hate.”
Something moved out of the corner of my eye, my eyes darted to it, but nothing was there. The Dragon continued. “If you say you were drawn here by its essence that must mean it’s without a host… or its host is dying. We must leave now.”
“What’s with the pale white rocks…? I’ve never seen anything like it… It looks otherworldly.”
The dragon seemed to sigh and then continued. “In order for the Spirit to exist in our world it needs a vessel, while yes it needs a host, even the strongest host wouldn’t be able to contain the black spirits energy. So it creates barriers around itself so it doesn’t lose form.”
“So it’s like a jar of water, the spirit is the water and the stones are the jar?”
“More or less little one. Now I shall explain more after we are safe from this place…”
The dragons’ voice seemed to trail at the end there and I felt and saw why… There was a dark smoke leaking out of the white stones and from all around.
An ethereal voice echoed throughout the chamber. “Well hello there… what an interesting thing you are… I sense a power about you. A power that could be improved upon.” My body froze from fear as the black fumes swirled around me, what do I do…? I have to get out of here.
“Why do you resist? I won’t harm you; I only wish to improve you, to give you what you… desire... Are you scared? Don’t be worried child…” The Spirits voice rang in my ears like steel scraping against rock. “You are very very strange… there’s an aura about you… a powerful aura… Don’t you wish to see your power increased..?”
The Dragons voice whispered to me. “Don’t give in, we’re stronger than him let me show you…” Without time to ask, I felt power swell in my arms… a blue glow started emanating from my hands.
I looked up into the black plume and could see 2 glowing red eyes staring at me. “I’ve seen this power before… You are more than you seem child.”
Before I could process anything I was knocked forward, black smoke clouded my eyes and the spirits voice rang through my ears. “What are you to resist my power? Who… are… you…?”
I sprang up feeling an overwhelming surge of energy and could see my hands glowing blue, without thinking I leapt into the air with my fist drawn back. I could hear a roar behind me, I aimed my fist towards the spirits eyes and then I saw the massive blue dragon fly above me crashing into the black smoke scattering it all over the room. My fist cracked into the pale white stone structure and it split right up the middle. My eyes lit up, what was that… Where was the dragon? As if reading my mind the dragon answered. “Don’t worry little one, we are stronger than him.”
A shrill voice echoed through the cavern. “Banha…. Of course it’s you. I knew I recognized your aura from somewhere… Found yourself a new pet have you?” A loud crack echoed through the chamber, followed by a loud rumble, I looked up and could see the ceiling coming apart. I need to get out now, before this whole place comes down.
“I knew you’d be back one day I knew I was awakened for a reason. Just not you… You’ll never win Kalatma…” The dragon flew back out and crashed in the forming shadows. I heard its voice ring in my head. “Run Kara, there’s a tunnel at the back of the cave it leads out. This place is collapsing.”
“What about you?” I exclaimed.
“I’m always with you Kara, what you see in front of you is just a projection of my power, now go! Quick!”
I wasn’t about to argue so I ran as fast as I could dodging falling rocks and the black smoke that was strewn about the cavern, I went so fast I felt to be gliding across the ground. I saw the small tunnel at the back that the dragon told me about. Racing towards it the shadows clouded in front of it, blocking it off. “You’re not leaving, not until I have your power child!”
Without thinking I charged the spirit and threw both of my fists in front of me towards its glowing red eyes, and again the blue dragon seemed to flow out of me smashing into the smoke, almost destroying it. Before I had time to process what was happening I raced into the tunnel and towards the bright light outside, it was dusk but the bright sun still beamed and cloaked me in heat as I got out of the cave, a cloud of dust and rubble fell where I just ran. I was safe for now…

Ooof that was a long read, if you're still here, i'll make new posts for new chapters. :heart: u all and stay tuned.
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@Rinzzler I just loved your passion! It's so meaningful when you see someone who puts their heart and soul out there... and you did this with your story, for me. Great story BTW! As a writer, you embody and personify...

write-on.jpg WRITE ON, BROTHER! :)
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