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Just a heads up


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May 10, 2014
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Wanted to let the powers that be know, not sure if it's an issue or just me but I've been trying to join you guys in New World, Talked to Averie a couple weeks ago about getting my discord back, after I built my new pc lost all my servers so she said to dm Mork, did that no reply. So I went the normal route of joining the discord and opening a ticket to "join us" and no reply, even made a character on the server and tried talking in Faction the night you guys put Mourningdale into conflict, no reply. At this point I've given up but wanted to let someone know in case there's an issue with the discord process so a new player doesn't fall through the cracks.


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Feb 19, 2018
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I am sorry to hear about your trouble Shiala. Can you provide us with your discord tag? When I search for Shiala on our server, I see no activity since 2019. Do you use another discord name now? And if you recall it, what is your ticket number? If you give us your ticket number we can try to look this up as well.

Our ticketing system has dealt with nearly 900 tickets at this time and the vast majority of them have no issues (every ticket is logged regardless of outcome). It occasionally has a hitch. Sometimes this is user error, and sometimes it is due to errors with the bots/servers. We also close out tickets after 24 hours of inactivity after pinging the user on the ticket channel (we keep them open longer if we just miss the user and there are responses that we are not around for).

Either way, I am sorry you had a difficult experience joining Tenacious. In the future, if you have difficulty with the ticket process, please tag community officers in the welcome channel, or DM us. And if we don't respond, DM us more than once or message more than one of us. We sometimes get so many DMs in a day that a DM can fall through the cracks.

Please post here with your discord tag or DM me at LoganSilver#2609, and I will assist you with the process of setting up your discord, getting a ticket started, completing the New World spreadsheet, and getting you into the game.
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