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Pumpkin Carving Contest 2020!


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Sep 24, 2014
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Long Island, New York

Pumpkins are basically the best part of Fall.
We get to bake them, and eat them, and apparently there's also people who like to smash them...
But before we do any of that... We get to carve and decorate them! :D

Any other year it'd be time to go pumpkin picking!
Grabbing apple cider, petting a goat, taking a hayride (maybe?) ... and then lugging these orange boys back home~
This may not be feasible for a lot of people this year, who are vulnerable to getting sick or who are quarantining for other reasons.
If this is the case for you, get someone to get you a pumpkin from the grocery store and carve it with Tenacious instead! :heart:

Because TG is having a Pumpkin Carving Contest! :D
2020 needs more things to smile about, so we want you to just have fun.
Make something scary, silly, or beautiful - whatever you enjoy!

How to Enter:
1. You must have an account on our forums
If you haven't already, you must first make an account on our website.
It's a few easy steps...
And BONUS you'd become a Tenacious member discord,
which means you get the snazzy green name.

2. Post your submission here in this thread.
If you are going to do multiple submissions, do them in separate posts.
Multiple submissions are totally fine :) ... If your SO or kids carved something with you, you may also post theirs, just share the fun!

3. Winners will be determined by popular vote.

Submissions are due by October 30th.
Winner will be announced October 31st.

4. Prize: TBD
We'll come up with something fun for winners and participants~

How to Vote:
You must have an account on our forums
'Like' the post you want to vote on!
You may vote multiple times
You can vote on your own submission if you are inclined to :p


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Nov 2, 2018
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D: ... How the heck am I supposed to compete with that already?! ...

You guys did a fantastic job.

I just followed a pattern!
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