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Tenacious Art Club: Lets draw!

Ume Nakamura

Tenacious Gamer
Oct 13, 2019
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Hey hey everyone!

I seen a lot of us enjoy posting art or even just want to get started on a new hobby, this little corner is the place for you! Whether you are experienced or still learning basic techniques everyone is welcomed to join in on showing off sketches, join in group projects, maybe even challenge yourself into themed challenges to push your artistic abilities to the limits!

My goal with this club is for a place where artists of any level could come in and feel welcomed and learn something new as well as experienced artists work on something new! I want to do these 2 Month Challenges where every other month we get a theme that we should try and draw to. I also eventually want to have people try different mediums such as clay or even animation! Even work on projects as a group for tenacious such as banners or graphics whenever they would want to introduce something new!

As far as meetings I want to aim for Saturday afternoons as a possible meet up day maybe around 2pm or 3pm, however this is subject to change. At some of these beginning meetings I'm going to be mostly hosting little sketch challenges that would take 2 weeks really taking in ideas for bigger challenges as well as maybe some artist lessons if someone wants to learn something new together! We all can learn anatomy together or maybe watch one of those youtube tutorials and sketch along!

For projects we can work on, I am working with TG officers to have some fun projects lined up to work on as well as some just artist projects however this will take a bit of time to set up so stay tuned!

I want to start having meetings in about two weeks on March 20th, 2021 at 9pm est! I have some family stuff hitting hard these next couple of weeks which is why I am having that as our start date rather than sooner.

If you want to give any inputs or challenge/project ideas please message on this thread or message me on discord! Im Ume Nakamura in our discord server!

Thank you all and I hope to see you all soon!
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