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Tenacious Bazaar Rules


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Sep 17, 2014
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The Tenacious Bazaar is separated into two Categories: Goods & Services and Causes.

In the Goods & Services section we encourage any member to post about their products or services that they offer that are either free or for sale. The can include but are not limited to artwork, video editing, computer products, etc. Please note this is a buyers beware section, Tenacious Gamers does not insure or guarantee the quality or timeliness of any products or services posted in this section. Should members post products and accept funds from additional members without providing the goods and services they promised disciplinary actions could result.

In the Causes section we encourage any member to post about a cause or charity that is important to them. To protect the integrity of our forums we will not be allowing any personal charities, GoFundMes, or PayPal links in this section. All causes and charities must be verifiable.
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